after all its all of known life on the line……..

March 13, 2010

The list of problems a mile long all comes from the un fucking believable fact that all the ideology of democracy and freedom that is written in stone, on monuments, and papers kept in bomb proof bunkers is a fucking lie fucking period no exclamation point fucking period.
We might as well tear them down and burn them up, for they were written to be changed to continue to lesson the need for laws, not increase the need for police.
The problems created by letting this go on, letting people who control vast resources govern the policies of what their resources are worth.
We have become a resources in this lie, we the people, are used to further the needs and make this world a fun place to be were some one cooks for you and fills up your gas mabe even drives you around to just buy shit on a whim from some person worried about rent.
It is made obvious by the immense size of the military compared to the inadequately funded education system. So many artists, musicians, scientists, and scholars dont have the time or support to further their minds and our civilization.
If you do nothing at all for any one but you, even you can help change all of this.
What ever you do, what ever the fuck you like make as much money as you possibly can.
The more of us that do the less it will mean.
Together we can make this a fair world,
after all its all of known life on the line……..

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