i do not think it is wrong to be angry at what is wrong.

March 13, 2010

i do not think it is wrong to be angry at what is wrong.
in our history we learn the rights we have become accustomed to having, are largely here because people got angry at not having said rights.
not just american history but the history of man is a rollercoaster of new freedoms and new oppressions, and unfortunately we seem to as of yet be incapable of learning that the oppression comes from the leaders of people separating them selves from the people.
here in america it happened and continues
it happened in britain before, thats why america is here
it happened in france, thats why they have no king
it happened in rome
it happened in communist china
and russia too.
recently i heard a news caster lou dobbs tell another news caster larry king that the generation in power has done less than any generation before to make this world a better place in the future, and actually done more to hurt the next generation than help it.
i am angry that those before me are so selfish they can destroy the world for their children.
because of this it is necessary to do more than go to work and pay taxes, because obviously the government does not have our best interest in mind.
the path to changing all of this is as long as the path that got us here, we need to take it upon ourselves to set ourselves apart from what has been so harmful to all of life, if we do not we condemn our own children to hell.
the people need more representation per capita as there are more people than ever before, but this representation must be for the people and not for capitalist gains.

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