March 13, 2010

Imagine that there is no such thing as a flying saucer or life on some other world. Imagine in all of the universe all the life there is… here with us on our planet earth, the third planet from the sun in a solar system in the milky way galaxy.
All of your ideas of time and significance are skewed by thinking on earth time, for a day is only a day on earth. All of our days through all of the generations of man have led us to a point were we leave the very fate of life up to our selves.

Having not been able to see the ruin we create when we act with interference to the lesser evolved, we have forced ourselves to make a decision of how we live immediately. If your not thinking about it it doesn’t matter for you will still be affected daily with these decision being made.
Because you allow a world like this to exist while you pursue selfish gains you are dooming life it self.

We could have seen it when we killed all the buffalo in North america or before, but now we have the final lesson change or die.
Im sure we will adapt to whatever happens to our species, but we can decide now to give up living in a fallacy believing we are secure and comfortable, for all of life including man depends on man to survive, choose to make this world a better place were we can be honest with ourselves and with our children when we speak of the good of man.
Be honest with yourself, and make yourself strong, open your mind to all of us wearing clothes somebody else made, and trusting the food we eat.
R. 1.

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