Why are we fighting this war?

March 13, 2010

The war…there is only one question that needs to be answered still….

Why are we fighting this war?

The answer that constantly has been repeated is because there are people that hate freedom and democracy so much they want to kill all the people that love freedom and democracy.

So we have to defend ourselves from theses evil people.
If you say ok there is something wrong with you, i could list possibilities but something should cover it. I remember when the rest of the world loved freedom and democracy, what happened to that?
It seems more like these people are fighting for freedom from an oppressive capitalism, the very fucking same as the English monarchy instilled upon those un nobles, when the sun never set on the british empire.
So for all of man shout out in your mind and in your actions





Its all about what is inside, it means so much and has an effect on so much more, look deep with in and remember what it is you want of this world, this life, this time alotted to you is yours to do with what you will, will you spend it all making more money for others than you will ever see yourself? Or will you commit to yourself more than to any one else, strive to accomplish your own goals and sacrifice only what you have to for your own success?
The choice is yours and yours alone, but you must remember who else is effected by your descions, not because what you do may possibly do something to some one else, rather because what some one else decided did do something to you.
Our lives are filled with luxuries even our parents could hardly dream of, all from some ones commitment to themselves, a drive to live to life to its fullest potential made our world what it is.
Action leads to a better life, while apathy dooms all of life.
The world of our dreams is not so far away, and the direction is clear, commit to do what you want to do and never waste one day of life in striving to succeed. For as more make it, this living nightmare hell we try to convince ourselves is fine, will become a dream full of bliss and with a future.
Use your friends to help you achieve, there is no reason to hide yourself from those you love, in relations find support and unify ideas for all to achieve a common goal, and most important no matter what……….NEVER FUCKING GIVE UP.
people can see that you only care about the outside, if thats all you care about.

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