all ways a student, sumtimes a teacher…

March 15, 2010

those people what say they trust no one…look deeper and realize what trust it takes to eat food (unless ur a hunter gather) and drive (unless alone in da middle a nowere), those who feel alone and are to scared to say it, cant u see how many others are alone 2, fearing what, ur not good enough, when it comes down to it that is a major world problem being proliferated by the path we have democratically chosen.
A path to destruction we have decided upon, in fearing revealing problems and pain and displaying only socially acceptable dramas as money assholes and bitches, we ignore far to much the true drama of life. We run out of time and die, as we accelerate the death of generations to come. For lies that we try to convince our selves of,….i dont trust any body, bullshit, think before you speak. Untill you can become as true to yourself as to all you meet, i heard a man say,
“the less you lie, the less you have to remember.”
when you live so, you can admit to any action even without it memory,
trust is not to be given easily, but is necessary to live together,
basically the same as those what say they are self reliant, u r if u make all ur own clothes and thread, and refine ur own gas, broadcast ur own tv, and generate ur own power and are a doctor and a dentist and a architect and as strong as a crane. If ur not den again think b4 u speak…
Its all about being honest and inspiring others 2 b 2…
all ways a student, sumtimes a teacher…

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