apple of knowledge

March 15, 2010

Could the apple of knowledge be mans realization he is the dominant species?
For unquestionably there was a time when we lived in harmony with the environment as the rest of our eco system still does.
Humans are no different than any other creature, our main objective is to ensure the survival of our family, like insects, bears, lions, dolphins, sharks and zebras we continue. Yet as our understanding of our surroundings began to grow with the ability to communicate through generations, it is us that are responsible for the rift in between us and the rest of life.
As we realize nothing can stop us from doing what ever we want, we forget of the garden of eden we were born into, and allow our selves to enter a world of man, of greed jealousy and contempt.
For truly the negative almost evil side of man rains as is shown in the incredibly unbelievable destruction and extinction of much of the garden we were born into.
If it were more of the good in man and all truth there would be no rift in between man and all of life. It is most necessary to fill this rift, as with great power comes the responsibility that we have failed thus far to for-fill with our great knowledge.
What we have done with the gifts of evolution is nauseating, but we are not doomed yet.
As it seems no matter what happens life will survive or revive, but what of us?
It is time to dispel ideas of apocalypse of any nature from god or nuclear bombs and believe that we can over come any odds as we have. There is a reason to live well and we are all not going to die any way so the point is to continue to desire better, there were those who looked across seas and saw a hopeless venture doomed before beginning, a sea filled with monsters and the very end of the earth. These people would rather live in a mid-evil hell than discover america…

One Response to “apple of knowledge”

  1. Nancy said

    a question i also ponder; what is the nature of our separation from good? did it only begin with the ‘expulsion’ from eden? we have lost our original connection, and aligned ourselves with the duality of good-mixed-with-evil, giving us a life of constant struggle and contradiction.

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