why do people hate americans?

March 15, 2010

the question to be asked is not why are we at war, rather why do people hate americans?
what it is it about our culture and way of life that drives other humans to become evil do-er’s,
according to our own president.
the very same attitude is held inside of our own borders, there are americans that feel indifferent
to, for example police. there our fellow citizens that admire cops and those that look upon them with disgust and even them that wish death to them and! their entire family.
the state of affairs today seems to be proof that what ever we have been doing is not what is in our best interest after all.
in looking at the course of history that has us were we are have very clear options in front of us, so obvious is the failure of all of the entire UN that the people of the world must make it clear to our leaders what we want and death and destruction is not fuckin it.
we want to live to see a future for all of us, to be free from concerns pertaining to remaining alive, and more towards what to do with life. we want a world were all of life has an equal and fair chance to live life to its fullest. let the beasts of the fields be fat for the beasts of prey!
the goal is not to undo what has been done it is to do the very best we can with what we have learned!

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