land of the free?

March 13, 2010

What is it now that is supposed to be represented by the land of the free?
Once every one, every were knew exactly what the home of the brave represented.
Freedom, Democracy, Equal opportunity, a voice in your government, and a fearless heart ready to support human rights around the world.
Now the flag that flies above our capitol has a distorted meaning, the true meaning it represents has not changed and never will. However for it to be seen clearly again the distortion must be removed.
Our actions have not been equal to our ideology.
Our own citizens are struggling to exist in an infrastructure falling apart around them, while our military spares no expense to be with out competition.
We are not alone, there is an entire world full of people tired of wars, more than willing to just go to work , and they are praying that some how some way thing will be ok.
Enough prayers and complaints, the closest we can get to god is all humanity working together
to understand the world we live in and make it a better place for the generations to come.
Rise up and believe in U!
UR not alone
its not what u do wit ur daily life/ its what u do wit ur whole life.

No friends

March 13, 2010

No friends
Fri ends, i remember how to spell friends because once in school i asked the girl next to me, during a spelling test or something, how to spell friends..she said ” fri – ends” so all my life you all have been my fri ends.
Ive never had anyplace i want to go to get away from all of lifes drama, except away from every one. In my solitude i find answers and when i am with you, you all love me for the answers i have found. How ever it has always been you that has driven me hunting.
Those of you i know, you fucking know i love every single one of you ass holes and bitches
with all my heart till the stars fall from the sky.
I will be your hunter.

i who was born to die, shall live, so that the world of man may touch the world of animals…

Rise or Sink

March 13, 2010

What is it going to take to get us all to actually work as one, no illusions of utopia, the truth is the governments of the world must have the very best interests of its people as top priority, however a trend of capitalism has disguised democracy in America and corrupted governments around the world.
The profits made using citizens is the top priority of any government or individual showing a disguise.
The answer to “change” is washing off the disguise.
My beautiful country America was founded upon “death to the crown!” a burning desire for FREEDOM.
Once people every were respected and loved Americans because they fucking love freedom.
I believe one can not hate what you you have never loved, and people around the world hate americans right now.
Because americans have sold out all of those that ever died any where for another to stay alive, they have forgotten the thirteen first states almost never made it to fifty.
Im crying too now, i have more to say, i want to inspire…
Underground Rising United believes that what the world needs is a new way of thinking, a renaissance of the millennium, not an apocalypse.
The world market can be used to make the world a wonderful place but there can not be people starving any were for it to work.
How much knowledge have we lost already because some one couldn’t eat enough to stay alive, what music, art or science could they have offered.
Here in america it does not matter if you vote or who you vote for.
What matters is will you make your stand and say your not going to take this shit any more.  What you have to do is believe in yourself, everything is just something some one said untill you prove it to your self. What is important to you, is more important to you than it ever will be to any one else.
Respect this in others as well and together we can do what people said we never could do.
Or we can just say fuck it, and sink.
Rise or Sink


you mite say im a dreamer but im not the only one.
America has a new president elected from desire to change.
Change is a challenge made harder by the fact that the people in power want change the least.
Those in power of the world have control of a majority of the wealth in the world and live a life style hard for many to imagine, a life style in jeopardy from change.
The change the people are asking for is freedom and the right to pursue happiness.  How can citizens be happy when they cant trust government.  The government needs to gain back the citizens trust and respect.
A new president is a start, and time will tell how devoted to change he and those that voted for him are..if he is remembered or forgotten..there has been far to much unnecessary suffering for far to long…

Problems in the world are forming like storm clouds all around, what once seemed so bright and full of hope seems now to be tinted in shadows, so many forms they take all are hard to name.
Economic, political, and war uncertainties loom over every ones dreams.
It is a cycle not to fear, for as one learns we learn as one.
What happens now is up to us all, we have learned that when a minority of the people in the world are happy because of the misery of the majority things have to and will change.
The hypocrisies have got to be completly unaceptable, and the govenment has got to be honest enough to earn the peoples trust.
We all know now, more than we ever have before. The governing minority we live under cannot convince us that all that, these hard ships are to blame on a god, that the earth is warming because Zeus is angry at us all and wants a lamb.
All kinds of controversy have proven to masses that it is not the majorities best interest the happy minority have as a priority.
Rather than encourage the growth of humanity, in affordable education, honest and fair laws, aswell as respect of our planet and ecosystems. The governing minority keeps the majority in a state of fear and ignorance, and live in a luxurious world most of us can hardly imagine.
Tho we may see some darkness, thunder and lightning, 1+1=1, stand tall and with out fear, speak like the wind un-afraid of who hears, we will be together before the storm, during, and after.

And after all, after the rain comes the sun.

..after the rain comes the sun


“You do your worst, and we will do our best.”

We trusted them to do right, and we hoped that they were in control, they take our trust in them, line their pockets and laugh, while our infrastructure crumbles and terrorists want to kill us for working hard.

Finally after all these years you have money problems too.  It is nothing new to a large part of the world.  Yet be warned, in your fears of poverty not to take to much.
People are so angry all over the world they are one second away from exploding.
Over raise taxes on goods and services required for a comfortable life, and be responsible for a raise in the crime rate then prepare for riots.
There is such a glorious and wonderful world waiting to be discovered and shared, what is there left to fight wars over, only freedom remains.
No matter how you bend the truth, problems hard to avoid and easy to solve stunt the growth of the world like pregnant smoking.
But just as life will find a way so will the people, have no fear what they do though many may suffer and die it will be as it has always been there would be no they with out us.
Not one race of man has gone extinct, and no one race is able to oppress all others.
We can all be happy, or we can all be miserable.
In a world were we all share the opportunity to achieve as much as we desire, and are untainted by propaganda, we can at last free our selves to discover the un i verse.
The “i” in us all is a part of the universe, from why, to how untill we know.
Everybody loves the Sunshine.


March 13, 2010


Like everything grows so does humanity, here in the twenty first century mankind has accomplished dreams and achieved the impossible.  The understanding of the universe the average person has today, reaches far beyond that of the average person one thousand even one hundred years ago.
How ever today the suffering of the same span of time has decreased far to little.
For over the worlds spacious skies, waves of grain, and majestic mountains looms an air of selfishness,
where there should be righteousness.
Where once there was hope, now there is only despair, and people who trash the gift of life.
Where once a father died to make the world better for his son,  a father sends off sons to die in selfish wars.
Music to rebel changed to music to conform, and tomorrow looks blacker than yesterday.
I shout to the world with all my breath, WE ARE NOT DEAD YET!
We as one have discovered that we all must care for every one, when we let others take control the power corrupts.
The change we desire starts inside each individual, the social acceptability of selfishness must not be aloud to persist.
Those strong enough to not conform to selfishness and maintain self respect inspire others to grow strong.
The more people respect everything the less selfishness will prevail, thus we can start to make it better.
From education to hunger, no longer will we trust huge corporations and institutions to make a business off of suffering,
no longer will we trust the governments and religions to blindly lead our way.
We the people of the world will take it upon ourselves to make this world our shared world.
People of the world take your dreams under control and make them your life.
Make movies, cars, and television shows and stop complaining there are none you like.
Before there was FORD there was just Henry.
Before Disney there was Walt.
Before Microsoft there was Bill.

fossil fuel

March 13, 2010


There are many questions to which we have no answer to but a good idea. Consider the connection between everything that is and has ever been.
For if there is a grand scheme to everything that we are all part of, the proof of it will mean that we must take greater responsibility for all of our actions.
We must widen our perspectives to appreciate and correctly measure what reactions any actions will have.
There is a deep desire for change among the people of the world.
However, this desire does not seem to be shared by those that have power over the entire world.
Those in power and those that are struggling and questioning, desire different changes.
It seems the economic balance of the world is shifting from commodities and labor to, information and science.
In this change the balance of income also shifts and it seems the only changes those in power want are to secure their income.

The unfortunate, sad and almost evil result of those in power miss-prioritizing change is, the people who have nothing and pay everything are suffering and dying every day, in horrible, sad, unspeakable ways.
The change that these people desire is only for the TRUTH.

Fossil fuels that we use for decoration, energy and plastics, were created by the biological waste left by prehistoric life and pressure cooked, with in the earth, to become oil and such.  If there is a connection between everything and every one, then it means that we have been able to get to where we are only because of the millions of years that dinosaurs roamed the earth in giant prehistoric jungles, only to become our fossil fuels.
We are defiantly making progress as humans, yet greed and corruption hold us all back, and while we delay people die and children cry.

Who remembers president Bush?  Do you also remember fearing to hear the next word to come from his mouth?  If America did not learn from president Bush that the presidency was more a figure head than anything else now, than maybe it will take the czar of war to take control.
We ask for the truth, we vote for change to the truth, and we are still lied to.
The war continues, the dollar continues to plummet, and people are still losing faith in the U.S.A!
Wrong is always wrong, right always is right.

The America I know is becoming more and more like the King George’s England our fore fathers warred with for freedom!
Already our beautiful country has seen a frightful civil war, which almost tore us all inside out, will it follow in the foot steps of our older sister countries
and fall into revolt?
We not only have our own individual strengths, but the strength of all those from all of history who ever cried for the truth!
We can see the past and set our future; now more than ever, we risk all of life as we know it, for where else is it, and when have we ever been stronger than as 1?

If I were able to talk with the president of our country, what else could I say except;
Mr. President, I understand you when you tell us that you have allot on your plate.  Please understand the people of this country are willing and able to help solve the problems staining our future.  Please help us to build a beautiful country that every one loves and respects again.  Use our accumulated understanding of our place in the ecosystem to make a world that gives back as much as it takes.  Use our tax money to create gardens of fruit trees along city streets, for even the poor need to eat.  Show us how to build incredible structures to prevent death and destruction from storms and the unquestionable.  Take us in to outer space so that at the very least, we can preserve ……life.
Lead us into a future of no lies, the previous administration built a military unrivaled in the world, we have nothing to fear except what we do to our selves.
While we stall in the doldrums of lies, the entire world passes us by.
Let us not pretend to be happy, Let us choose to give life a future, to be happy!

people are like stars

March 13, 2010

people are like stars, they all look like they are the same distance away..yet some are closer and hotter than others, those that you keep close to you, like suns to warm your world, could be called angels.  For bright stars are the hardest to find.
when one shines so bright, a dim light can not be seen, only those as brite or brighter.
your life is more for everything else than for you…..shine on u stars.

Yes sir, I can read.

March 13, 2010

What burden is placed on those forced to be brothers in arms to survive wars and suffering, meant not for the innocent but for those guilty of making angels out of their own children.
How much does it cost to let sons turn into murders and daughters into whores.  How can any human live with such guilt?
Only in ignorance.
Only in turning ones back on truth.
The world bleeds for us all, for life is dying.

The more we learn of our history, the more we have realized that we owe more credit to our predecessors then we have been taught to give.
People have been like we are since 10,000 B.C. Hunting mammoths and fearing saber tooth cats.  We have never been stupid.
Any modern person can put them selves into the mind of such prehistoric people, the only thing you lack is technology and universal knowledge,
yet ignorance does not signify stupidity.  You make a spear.

It is obvious that people have lost the connection with their history so much, we are taught to believe that no one knew about physics until, Isaac Newton.
How can incredible monumental structures  be constructed with out knowledge of the laws of gravity, geometry, and the movements of the heavens.
It can not be accomplish by anything less than civilized people.

In our time, the twenty first century, 4.6 billion years since the earth formed we face the crushing realization of how long it took life to create us.
Now we face, the dilemma of our responsibility to the billions of years it took to get us to where we are now.
For the path that we are on, is obvious leads to the very doom of all of life as we know.
Yet hope shines brighter than ever before as well!
With our acquired knowledge we have the power to set life on the course of eternity!

Our hope now, is in the internet.
The internet has already begun the work of erasing more and more ignorance, it is the movable type of our time.
No longer are the poor kept in the dark!
Yes sir, I can read.
Has become, I saw on the internet.
The people are learning, and oppression does not work.

As the light of truth shines out, no more shadowed corners of lies will be tolerated.
History has shown us that there is nothing more powerful among people than truth.
People root out liars, thieves, rapists, and murders to live in an honest and civilized society.
No where in the world is there a haven for lies any more!

When the first black president in America was elected into office, I wished mostly that; James Brown lived to see it!
Then when the same president won the Nobel Peace prize, I was glad James Brown did not see that.
Even on the most personal level those that have found truth and faith in them selves are the happiest.
With the power of the great ignorance eraser called the internet, more and more people are finding truth not only in the world but also in themselves.

No longer can it be allowed for parents to pass their hate on to their children.  Children will play with other children regardless of their color or social background, until they are taught not to associate them selves with other people regardless of their color or social background.
It is time now to bury old hate and prejudice, or condemn life to doom.

We are making progress as a species, yet the sooner the journey can reach the goal of freedom and truth;
The less will have to suffer.