Rebel Rebel

April 27, 2010

Rebel Rebel

Born into a world built by our fathers, in the shadow of men, boys learn how to live.  Yet when the shadow the man casts is an evil shadow, the children will learn to be evil.
A man casting a righteous shadow, shows all who see how to live well.  All through history man gives his children his wars, his hates, and his loves.
In our history there are times when more men have cast a righteous shadows than evil shadows.  As well as times when the shadow of evil prevailed.
Born into the world innocent, all of us must choose to be good or not, and some times the children must teach the parents what is right for us to progress.
Fear breeds slavery and oppression, while freedom breeds fearlessness.

In many of the old religions, some no longer practiced and some still influencing daily life, the creation stories describe a predecessor to human kind.
In what ever form angel, cyclops, titan, or made from dirt, the predecessor to humans falls victim to their own failure to discipline themselves from selfishness.
From the beginning of time, it has been destined for life to try to understand itself.  Once, where there was nothing formed our rock, sit and watch the millenniums turn, the continents and the oceans form, the atmosphere develop and witness the birth of life in your mind.  See one cell form to multiple, to complex.  To evolve into giant dinosaurs that rule the world for millions of years, only to become the fossil fuels that build the world of the humans.  Humans, who once like all other life roamed the planet exposed to the elements, until we plant a seed.

The seed grows into crops, the crops into cities.  First cities of wood and earth, all gone now.  Then of stone, some of which the very first of still remain standing in the shadows of cities built of steel.
In these cities of steel, human kind isolates and separates itself from the world that gave us birth, and everything we will ever need.
No other creature can remember when the earth was only a rock except man.  Through billions of years of development man is the pinnacle of evolution.  Granted through chance and survival over the years to man, the very power of creation and destruction, as well as the responsibility for all.  Man must choose for all to live or all to die, for a future, or for a do over.

We have all of our history to be able to see our future, now we all are on the doorstep of the death of everything we know, we love and hate.  All of the great wars in history took years to develop into the blood baths we remember, and all of the wars fought to dominate rather than free end in failure.  The stakes have been raised with the globalization and firepower of our society, for should the world war, no corner will be safe.  While we revel in lust, gluttony and vengeance armageddon looms over our children’s future.

Here in the dawn of the 21st century, history has unfolded to reveal one super power in the world, as long as we fight wars to oppress rather than free, we run the danger of blemishing our countries righteous founding.
The United States of America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave, has the chance as a world leader, as it has in the past, to lead the way making the world a better place for us all.
No animal gifted our power would not.
To fight another is to fight yourself, now that we know we all share this world and are all gifted with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We have the power to make the world, the truth… . BEAUTIFUL!  (• of a very high standard; excellent)

I hope that in the future they remember now, as when we became one.
(out of many one)