the cause

July 11, 2010

The foundations of the the world are crumbling beneath our feet, the structure we have grown comfortable with is old and waiting to be reinforced.
We see it around us and feel it in our bones, but there is nothing to fear!
It is the natural process of anything to grow.  From plants to cities; to stop growing is to die.  The desire to survive is strong!
Even this thing called civilization has grown from simple nomadic communities, to small city states, and eventually to countries.
Countries of people unified under one flag have developed as well over the centuries, and America is the latest evolution of that development.

A country founded with the ideal of the end of tyranny!
Now with the world foundations falling apart America has the chance to lead the way into that promised land of the end of oppression worldwide.
All the people in all of the countries of the world are tired of fighting other countries, the people only want a good job and a future for their children.
When wars are not fought to preserve family and culture, people are not willing to fight and die, and when they are; people will die fighting.

Here in the 21st century, we know more than ever.  Most importantly, how much of an effect we have on the future of the entire planet and all of life.
In order for us to preserve a future of good jobs, let us all work on making this a better world.
Let a higher force such as the U.N. control the force of the world military only to ensure progress, and to halt any who would impede the world making a better world!

We dont need camouflage, paint death machines UN white for peace.