Where are the role models for the next generation?

September 2, 2010

Those in control must listen to the winds of change blowing around the world.
For as the seasons change in cycles,  progressing the evolution of life.
Man progresses in cycles, giving a future to his children.  As a father controls his families future, governments of the world are responsible for the future of their citizens.

When the leaders do not heed the cycles of time they endanger all they are responsible for.  Like a chief who lusts only for power, ignoring the signs of the approach of winter, risks the very future of all his tribe.

The air now is thick with injustice and ripe for revolt. Even criminals despair and in desperation commit more and more violent crime. Families struggle to feed their children and brothers and fathers turn to crime and murder, while mothers and daughters sell their bodies and souls for food.

The world is no stranger to strife, yet no peril is as perilous when prepared for peril. There is always a choice for all, from the poorest to the richest, history has proven over and over again one person can make all the deference in the world. Who will choose to live as an inspiration to the next generation? Who will choose a beautiful future at the cost of tedious labour in the present. For among those in control and those in the social spot light of today, there is not one roll model to idolize. Who is there for the next generation to respect and remember? The only lesson you are teaching the generations that follow yours, is to not be like you are now.  For you who cheat, lie and steal; rot the future instead of fertilizing it.

We can not grow up to be like you, because if we do our children will inherent a rotten world. If the leaders of the world value their heads, hear the regrets of King Louis of France, decapitated by his own.  The people have the power, and they will not let their leaders use them for personal gain, yet they will give their lives to their leaders for the progress of man. If the leaders of the world don’t come together in peace, the people will! U.R.U.

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