I still love you America

February 1, 2011

I still love you America, my life will always and forever be yours my red, white and blue.  More than ever before I understand the strength you were forged with.  Still so young and beautiful, you are the child of the peoples revolts over oppression.
Before you the world was ruled by the whims of kings and queens, now you have given all the people of the world an equal voice.
The voice of the people has always demanded truth above all else.  In the pursuit of truth, and the freedom for all to pursue happiness we have overcome and prospered.

It is in our prosperity that we must tread most carefully. The revolts, our history tell even peoples revolutions become corrupted when prosperous.  It is up to the people to keep their leaders uncorrupted.  Our democratic system, so artfully crafted, sought to show the way.  Yet, with the rise of the career politicians in our system, the governing body of our country has drifted back towards the whims of the rich.

In the construction of our democracy we developed the short service terms of our leaders to keep them “of the people” and harder to corrupt knowing, they would again be mingling with the people after service.  It is up to the people to vote for candidates of the people.  When the people let greed and selfishness decide the future, they sacrifice freedom for oppression.  Building walls and living in fear, instead of building schools and illuminating any shadow of fear.

The land that I love, the home of the brave and the free, I can not join your military, or attend your schools, because I can not sacrifice truth, for fear.  I will not defend walls were they should not be!  I will not allow myself to be assimilated into an oppressive machine of corporations by brick factory schools forcing a mold on each student.

Now, my beloved, please dont let there be another generation like me.