protect love

It is hard to imagine that a generation of peace and could become the next war mongers.  It is far to obvious the wars we fight today are not to protect any thing other than profit.


You who riddled the world with land mines, profit from the resources of others, restrict advancement, let people starve to death, lower education standards, and lie have brought the entire world to the breaking point.


Revolutions erupt only when leaders give into greed, forgetting the only real profit is the advancement of our culture.  Now, because of the faults of your generation, you still want to rob future generations of the standard of living you enjoy!  You tell us to die for you, only out of fear of loss in your profit!


When I write it always rains, yet the droplets which stain my paper, fade my pencil and run my ink do not come from the sky.  These droplets are from my eyes.  When I decide to type, instead my mouse tracks through tears, and I wish so much I did not feel.


This is the world you want us to advance and defend for you? How, could a father and mother wish this world upon their children and spit on everything our grandparents, great grandparents and every one who decided to care let us be born into?


At the very least, you have taught us what not to do.  I hope that, we are able to teach you to learn from your mistakes aswell before we end up having to go through another dark age, and relearn everything we forget.