We Fight For Freedom… While U Fight For Power…

December 25, 2016


Some of us are Happy and Ignorant…

The Rest of us cant Take Much More…

We Fight For Freedom…

While U Fight For Power…


Art is an expression of freedom.  Who but the artist has control of the finished project, and how can an artist express when restrained.

An open mind can see that all of the great art is like nothing ever before. The lessons that can be learned from such inspirations is not to constrain inside what is accepted, it is to have complete faith in the self. The freedom to create what no one may ever see, hear, taste, touch, feel, or experience and care only that it be created.

The closed mind tries to copy what is accepted so much, copies are all that are accepted.

Art is in every one and everything, it is the burning desire for freedom.

It is faith in your self and responsibility for your decisions.

Great artists in the past would have used a computer to create if they could.

Mozart to Dali, not because it is what is accepted, because they could.

Stay True Or Be Forgotten.

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