Hypocrisy in America

February 7, 2017


terrortrumpLeaders only are in positions to lead and if they don’t lead in the direction of progress, they end up following the people that do strive for progress.  Hypocrisy in America has been reason for debate and division since its declaring to be a sovereign nation.  America declared itself a nation of free and equal citizens, yet government sanctioned slavery existed for hundreds of years in the land of the free.  The hypocrisy of the ideology of a free nation with slavery gave hope to those who strived for truth over propaganda.  The people of the nation devised ways to free themselves until the government was forced follow the path blazed by the people.  Child labor laws and equal rights had to be taken from the leaders in positions which were able to give, because instead of giving they took.

The real American is still fighting for truth and still blazing the path towards the truth and the end of divisive, hypocritical politics and like the citizens of the world, understand what is truth and what is propaganda created to divide and inspire fear.  There are Americans that know that when people are in need, they need help.  To ostracize those in need is to create enemies, because we survive as a species and not as individuals.  To deny a refugee from a war zone, is like boarding up a home’s windows and doors then throwing a bomb inside.  These Americans are fighting along with the rest of the world, and we Americans, We Fight for Freedom, While You Fight for Power!