How much more can we invest into weapons and to what end, what has it done but create enemies?  Politicians claim they are needed to protect the innocent and instead the innocent have become targets of hate and malice.  Each war has only lead to another war and peace between nations remains an unattainable dream to contemporary culture and the eras of so called peace have only been time for the conquered to rally their revenge on the conquerer.  No nation has ever been able to conquer the world and have all the population citizens of one creed, so what is all of the fighting for?  Some claim that they must participate in war to serve a higher power and to save their soul, yet there is also no religion which condones murder and oppression as a path to enlightenment or as beneficial to the soul.  Is not the goal of every culture the same?  To provide a safe secure environment for future generations to grow and prosper in.  If so, the world, or the environment, is similar to a school and most agree that it is wise to build, upgrade and maintain schools because the future matters.  The only future we give when we invest so much in war is a future of strife, hardship, guilt and suffering.  How could anyone want the school to create such an environment and long to see children die young or grow up to live in guilt, when we can work together for a common goal and be grateful for the environment that we all call home.

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