Guns and Bullies

March 16, 2018

Trying to teach the next generation to not bully each other or shoot each other is very difficult when the teaching generation is bullying and shooting each other.  America has become a bully to other nations and uses guns to enforce its will on the world.  We allow our taxes and labor power to be used to build our unrivaled military and make the rest of the world hate us and even want to kill us, rather than demanding our labor and taxes are used to create a better world for the next generation.  Surly we can gain more respect from the world, and the next generation, from investing in construction and education instead of destruction and brainwashing.

Yet, there are those that profit from the death and destruction in the world and they will fight to maintain control.  Not all of us want change, those in control fear it because change is the end of their control.  But, there are more of us that want change than those that fear it, so we must fight for it as we have for centuries.  The world is ours, not theirs!