July 6, 2018


Good leaders are like good family members, who keep a family strong.  As civilization has progressed, tyranny has ebbed at society like a tide rises and falls.  Civilization has evolved just like life, in five billion years civilization is what evolved here. Whenever it becomes oppressive, division spreads through society.  Instead of working together as a family, society splits into the oppressor, the rebellion and the people who wave any flag to stay alive.  An underground society is created to rebel against tyranny and the tyrants try to break the rebels to prevent being overthrown.  Progress for all society slows down because the talents and minds that would normally fuel progress are either used to break people, to rebel or not used at all.  Many great thinkers and artists have not been able to contribute to the progress of society when it’s divided rather than unified.  Why waste five billion years of evolution fighting each other, or suppressing hopes and dreams?

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