Vive la liberté!

December 3, 2018

Since the world revolted against aristocracy in America, France, Russia and China government has been able to use the ideology created to insight rebellion for freedom to retain control over their citizens.  The analysis of government seen in revolutionary literature places fault for the peoples suffering on the elite minority in control.   By pitting the classes below, the upper, middle and lower classes, they’re able to maintain control over them all by hiding in plain sight.  Instead of believing that the majorities suffering is due the unfair distribution of wealth, people believe their problems are due to the majorities’ ineptness, blaming different facets of the majority and excluding the elite from blame.  Instead, the elite are idolized and people are convinced that they’re just a few years of hard work, or a lucky break away from being part of the elite.  Governments today, utilize this knowledge to be able to again allow the elite to hide in plain sight and place blame on an enemy, either of the population or foreign, rather than on the unfair distribution of wealth.  No longer does the power structure of a super power rule with an iron fist, they instead placate the bourgeoisie to maintain control.  Seeing that many previous revolutions have had bourgeoisie leaders, government today is able to do whatever it wants, as long as the bourgeoisie can go shopping.  When the bourgeoisie feel there has to be more to life than what someone owns and they begin to fulfill life by becoming better people rather than looking like better people, government works for the peoples profit, not its’ own, by ensuring all people have the freedom and the means to prosper.