Ad it up!!

June 16, 2019


buyIt doesn’t seem that there are many who believe that money doesn’t buy happiness despite the evidence which proves it, society is saturated with advertisements supporting consumerism as a path to happiness.  It’s known that money can improve living standards, but it’s also common knowledge that pursuing materialism can create a gilded prison.

Advertising materialist principles also divides the population by making people assume an appearance of wealth denotes success, intelligence, competence and understanding, while an appearance of poverty relates idiocy, ineptness and failure.

The effort invested in promoting materialism, which causes division, can be invested into promoting humanitarian values inspiring unity instead by adjusting the impression of success to be more accurate, in relating success as truly gaining individual worth and becoming a useful member of society.

One Response to “Ad it up!!”

  1. Eric said

    So very true…experiences, not things

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