As we have progressed, we have fought each other for many reasons.  People fight for what they believe in, in many different ways and sometimes the fights even become wars.  In war, each side fights and dies for what they believe to be right.  The fight to be free of tyranny, often reveals itself to be a fight to install a tyrant and the hopes for freedom that inspired valor fill cemeteries with unfulfilled dreams.

Some use others like pawns in labor and in war.  The effort of the worker and the soldier can be directed to enforce oppression, or to improve society.  Protecting those that build a better world than that which we were born into is what people have fought tyranny to be able to do and the enemy that will always be fought against, is the one that attempts to divide rather than unite.

To believe that war has been a constant in society is to ignore what people have fought so long to end.  People kill and die to protect families and their futures and in that future there is no war, people don’t dream of seeing their families enduring raining bombs and bullets, growing up in shelled out cities and cratered fields.  They fight for the freedom to live in peace and have an equal opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams.  Long live the freedom fighters!