Everyone wants a revolution

December 11, 2020

Everyone wants a revolution in America and it is the idea of what this revolution is which needs to be defined.  The idea of revolution is shared by both the left and the right, but their ideas of a revolution are very different.  As a citizen, the most important thing that we can do is to educate ourselves so that we have the ability to think for ourselves and communicate to our representatives exactly what kind of revolution we want.  We can also avoid the appropriation of ideas and ideologies, like revolution.

It would be just as revolutionary to dismantle corporate restrictions like, environmental protection, fair wages and protection of personal freedom as it would be to increase corporate taxes, prosecute white collar crime and open boarders.  When revolution is discussed, the ideology of the revolution is important to relate, so that the idea isn’t appropriated to fit a different ideology.

The idea of revolution being shared by so many shows that there is progress to be made, we just need to decide which direction to go, forward or backward.  It seems we need more of a renaissance than a revolution.  Revolution implies a hostile take over, while a renaissance leans more towards changes in thinking.  Europeans accepting the earth is round allowed the exploration of the world.  The same types of changes in thinking can allow humanity to explore the universe and the mind.

Each race has equally contributed to our progress and it is difficult to imagine how fast and far we could be progressing by working together.  Employing minorities doesn’t prove a person isn’t racist.  Henry Ford was one of the first to hire black workers, but he was also one of the most racist people in history.  Working together is different than working each other.  When we oppress and fight with each other, we slow down progress and it impacts us all.