January 7, 2021

Throughout time it has taken a lot of pressure for leaders to make positive social changes.  It’s the leaders of nations and business that are the most capable of instituting progress and the same leaders are consistently responsible for holding progress back.  The best way to avoid social unrest, is to provide employment, opportunity and a future.  If people believe that their labor is only to make the rich richer, they feel oppressed, enslaved and hopeless.  Which leads to crime, rebellion, hate, jealousy, envy, depression, terrorism, domestic violence and a host of negative impacts on society.

Riots and even wars have broken out in last resorts to bring change and history is full of examples of civil rights protesters being persecuted and beaten.  When people stand up for equality, they are often fought against by those who support inequality.  It is those supporters of inequality which believe people are defined by their environment, when there are people from all environments equally capable and inept.

The leaders of America are currently in a unique position, as leaders of the world, and can lead the world into a future dreamed of for the last hundred years.  It isn’t until people get into space that they can imagine a new future and through introducing and supporting legislation which invests in a future, leaders of the world can unite the population with the common goal of progress, giving people a reason to be proud of their labor.