February 11, 2021

No one likes to be scammed and to have their hard work be taken for advantage. People try their best to defend themselves against being scammed with security measures but, the most important defense is knowledge. A person who sees the scam, is a lot less likely to fall victim to it. Many Americans don’t know that they are being scammed constantly by organizations like the Federal Reserve, which isn’t a government institution and has stock holders, and it is costing them and their children their future.
Politicians have become more entertaining than effective and arguing about who should run things, leaves things running with out direction. The divisiveness in politics saturates society and takes focus from real problems that need attention. How long are we going to let a faulty financial system which drives the government into debt exist? How many children are we going to force to grow up in ghettos and how many people need to sacrifice their hopes and dreams for us to move forward?
Throwing money at some problems is effective. Like, war. But how do you fix the problem if the problem is money? Stimulus to rebound from covid sounds like it would be great, but what is it going to cost us and how long will politicians kick the debt problem down to the next one in line?
Where are the leaders who are willing to stand up to the big banks and corporations which have infiltrated and hijacked our government? Because it sure seems that the leadership we have now wants nothing more than to maintain the system they worked so hard to put in place and the Q-Anon phenomena sure smells a lot like a CIA disinformation campaign to keep things the same by making all conspiracy theories into jokes.
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