It’s important to stop and think what you’re fighting for sometimes, with so much anger in society sometimes goals can become blurred.  Some people fight for the right and others for the left, but only a few fight for all.  The leaders of the left and the right use us to fight their battles and these battles are to further their own ends, not yours.

Those who have it don’t want those who don’t have it to get it because then those that have it will not be in control.  Those that are currently in control have not been doing a great job, or there wouldn’t be so many problems and so much anger.

There has to be a better way to live together and no matter the type of government there is, corruption and profit over people ideologies need to be frowned on like people frown on who ever they have been told to hate and blame for their problems and suffering.  All through history the enemy of the less well off has been the more well off, except when the more well off govern with love and empathy.