For longer than I can remember at the lowest levels of the American Black community there has been an understanding that our lives are worthless and we can disappear at any moment, should we encounter the wrong police.  I didn’t grow up like most people, I’ve ended up homeless more than once since I was a teenager and had to struggle with police so much I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve had to fight with cops.  When I say fight with cops, I don’t mean boxing with one officer.  I mean one lone kid, and even adult, doing their best to not get beat up and broken by a mob of officers.  I’ve been able to get away once or twice, but most of the time I get dragged to jail and charged with something.  And I am one of the lucky ones who has not disappeared.

No one knows how many black men have been tortured and killed, how many black women have been raped and killed, or how many black people have criminal records with out ever breaking a law in America.  If what happened to Mr. Floyd made you sick, what happened to Mr. Greene should show you how many people in the black community see themselves as the walking dead because white people see them as animals.

The problems associated with the upper class demeaning the lower class have been a thorn in the side of our progress for centuries and we still can’t get past an ideology that elevates the wealthy above the poor, and in much of the world the whites above the blacks.  But, there is still hope that one day we will learn to live together because in the end it is Javert who kills himself.