Crime Wave Effect

June 21, 2021

Crime is a result of a divided society.  There is a popular misconception that confuses competence with opportunity.  The idea that the most competent of society will have the most opportunity is a false one when society is divided between haves and have nots.  Opportunity is more available to the haves than to the have nots, regardless of competence.  A rich person with good ideas can fund their production and the best a poor person with good ideas can do is sell them to someone who can afford to produce them.  There are plenty of people with the competence to do so much but their efforts are put towards things like crime and terror because they don’t have equal opportunities.  They have no hope of a future of anything but servitude.

In a society that has a small minority holding on to most of the pie and leaving the majority fighting over crumbs, the struggle over the crumbs makes people value crumbs more than anything.  Crumbs are more important than family, friends and freedom for people in such a society.  There are two main categories of leaders, humanitarian leaders and cold hearted leaders.  While the humanitarian type guides towards equality and fairness, the cold hearted types guide towards control and division.

Both types of leaders are respected for different reasons and a cold hearted, shrewd leader gains respect by using underhanded and dishonest tactics to dominate.  A humanitarian leader gains respect through diplomacy and unification.  The tactics of the cold hearted types are less effective and long-lived than those of the humanitarian type because the side effect of their tactics is the creation of enemies and division from within as similar cold hearted tactics pit one against another fighting for power and control.  Humanitarian tactics are what convince people to unify under one flag and work towards a common goal that gives hope to all of society.

a helping hand

June 1, 2021

The reason for many of the social problems we currently have, is from valuing profit over humanity.  Culture can transcend race and class, even though there can be cultures based on racial history and tradition, or on social status, it doesn’t exclude any race from any culture.  A culture gains a racial label when there are a majority of one race in the culture, though there may be a minority of other races included into the same culture.

There is more than one culture in America, the culture of the Black American, for example, is a culture which is based on a struggle to be considered human.  In contrast to the White American culture which is based on the dehumanization of every other race.  What is thought of as Black culture can include any one that has felt degraded and what is thought of as White culture can include any one whose felt entitled.  As the European culture of America enslaved and reeducated, it robbed Africans and Indians of their cultures.  In the process, it created new cultures.

As one culture tried to subjugate and indoctrinate, another tried to educate and equalize.

The foundations of law enforcement in America, are rooted in securing and protecting whites from non-whites creating different laws for different races.  With violence and fear tactics, a minority gained control over a majority, forcing the majority to sacrifice their own hopes and dreams for the hopes and dreams of a few elitists.

Today, there are some Americans who would gladly sacrifice their lives as patriots and think the American dream is only a little elbow grease away for anyone, there are also some Americans who could never join the military, or police force and think the only future for them is poverty and violence, no matter how hard they work.

For America to progress and unite, the two competing cultures have to become one American culture.  It has to live up to the ideals it was founded on and become a land of the free, where the inalienable rights of all are recognized.  In doing so, it can regain the position of the worlds beacon of hope.  Reversing the cold hearted tactics that made the non-white countries into third world countries and profited from promoting a gangster mentality can equalize the world and regain our humanity.  It is better to rule with a helping hand, than an iron fist.