Land of the Free

August 3, 2021

Once the picture of an American was a pioneer with a musket and a coonskin hat, now it’s a business suit and a briefcase.  Americans had the freedom to choose to live however they wanted in the past and we have slowly let our freedoms be taken away from us.  American pioneers set out into the wilderness for furs, the freedom to be able to provide for themselves and to take control of their own lives, rather than letting their lives be provided for and controlled by monarchs and lords.

The American colonies eventually became lucrative assets to the monarchy and Americans had to fight to gain and maintain freedom.  But, the lucrative and heinous business of slavery kept many Americans under control, until again Americans were inspired to fight against each other for the right that all Americans would have the freedom to control their own destiny.

As Americans expanded west and ignorantly fought and killed the Indians, they did so with the perception of freedom from danger.  While the Indians fought to be free from American control.

When the country was connected with the golden spike, the lucrative business of ranching pitted cowboys against land barons.  Cowboys fighting to maintain the freedom to ride the dusty trail, driving their cattle across the plains and sleeping under the stars.  The land barons fighting to fence off the land, in order to control the business of beef at the cost of the cowboys livelihoods.

Now, since the land barons took over the plains Americans freedoms have been eroding like a cliff beaten by waves, today it’s virtually impossible to avoid debt and thereby be controlled by it.  What will it take for Americans to again demand freedom and what kind of American restricts the freedoms of another!?

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