August 26, 2021

I guess it’s been so long since things were good, people are too young to remember now.  We used to have some really great times, even though we didn’t have a lot, we still got down.  We had such good times, others would wonder how it was possible to be so happy with so little.  I spent time in the hood, on the streets, locked up, in the suburbs, at warehouse parties, roof top pool parties overlooking the ocean and bumped elbows with superstars and bigshots, I even cooked for some of them.  But, I’ve never had as great of a time as I had in the hood, outside of the hood.

People often think that the hood is full of angry gangster wanna be’s but those aren’t the majority.  Most of the people in the hood are good hard working people and on a Friday night when the work is done, they get to get loose and have a good time.

People in the hood aren’t the only ones that have a good time, everyone likes to party sometimes.  But, good times are different with different people and they are great with real people because, real people know that even being used and abused they are good people that love and care very much about their friends, family, little animals and the whole world.  They live the best they can and will never let anyone convince them they aren’t worth respecting as a human being.

People, that only pretend to be human, wonder how people can be so happy with so little, because when they have good times, they are only reaping their fruits off those that they use and abuse.  They aren’t as happy because they know that they are not good people that love and care for their friends, families, little animals and the whole world.

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