Fear and Control

November 19, 2021

In general, there are two cultures in the world.  One is a culture of fear and control and the other is a culture of peace and unity.  Those that believe in fear and control utilize fear tactics in order to maintain control.  They do all they can to convince the population that with out their control, the population is in danger of being overrun and dominated by fear and control.

So, much of the population succumbs to living in fear and being controlled by the powerful.  In that, they sacrifice all of their personal hopes and dreams and drown their feelings with antidepressants to pursue the hopes and dreams of those in control while they settle for less, instead of demanding more.

A fearless society is better than a fearful society because, instead of demeaning the potential of the population, a fearless society is empowering and inspiring to the population.  When the population of any society is fearless, it’s feared by other societies more than a population that is seen as beaten down and oppressed by its leaders.