How will history see the 21st Century

January 7, 2022

It’s time to change direction because it’s more and more difficult for people to make ends meet, or to even get a decent education and still, fault is placed on the people trying to survive that did what they were told to do and found out that it doesn’t work, rather than blaming the people peddling lies of equality and fairness.  People are told to work hard to make ends meet and make progress.  But, many people work their fingers to the bone and still can’t make ends meet.  They try to educate themselves to escape poverty and go from no money to owing money, drowning in debt for an insubstantial education.  Then, they are labeled as incompetent for falling into depression, drug addiction, homelessness and crime.

Many of the sheltered and privileged have the misconception that opportunity equals competence and they believe that it’s because of the incompetence of the less fortunate, that the poor don’t have the capability to do anything other than manual labor.  But, often it’s the unrecognized and unappreciated competence that leads to depression, drug addiction, homelessness and crime.  But, depression, drug addiction, homelessness and crime are not unique to the less fortunate.  The problems in society and lack of education also effect the sheltered and privileged, who also tend to fall into depression, drug addiction, homelessness and crime if their sheltered life is shattered, or if they are ignorant and bored.  There is also a great deal of competence recognized in all people, no matter their class.  So, opportunity can’t be confused with competence.

A high percentage of the population is vulnerable to falling into depression, drug addiction, homelessness and crime, because people with no actual competence, only opportunity, are in charge and even people who believed they were competent and secure, are realizing that they aren’t as secure as they thought and that they’er lacking in competence.  Leaders should be looking out for citizens like, parents look out for children.  Or, the relationship is dysfunctional.

Aren’t we all stronger together when we make the effort to become more competent and progress, rather than competing against each other and retarding progress along with competence?  To move forward, we have to inspire one another, not chastise and degrade one another.

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