We, as a people, are able to guide and direct our future, in almost any direction that we choose, by choosing who are leaders are.  It takes all of our experiences to be able to understand which direction to proceed in.  By sharing our individual experiences with each other we can determine the best path to take.  Everything in the universe has a reason to exist, why would it be different for any of us?  The universe is like a symphony and each note is a part of a whole.  A conductor, or a leader, is just a crazy person waving a stick around with out the composer, the musicians and the audience.

The best leaders have been the most righteous and incorruptible of us.  Even though many righteous leaders have been leaders during eras of poverty and slavery, a truly righteous person treats every one well.  Even slaves and poor people.  They are able to direct us towards a future, rather than destroy our future.