Working to give

December 22, 2022

Isn’t progress making more people better off?  A widening wealth gap means we are doing something wrong.  Entrusting the richest of us to govern is a problem when the richest of us only work for money.  It creates a society in which progress is appropriated with gaining wealth.

Instead of working for goals like improving individually and socially, the goal for society is to get money.  Not just money for pleasure, but money to survive.  To pay bills is all most have been working for, while a minority insanely chase wealth.  Like, chasing a carrot on a stick and going in circles instead of progressing forward.

Change isn’t going to happen until we adjust our way of thinking from respecting greed and fearing bills, to respecting everything else and scorning selfishness.  The world, each other, animals, blind justice, the next generation, the oldest generation and actual progress that improves our standard of living, deserve respect more than misers do.

It takes time for change to happen and using force has becoming increasingly less effective.  It isn’t new laws, war, or more hand outs that create change, it’s all about hearts and minds. Blowing things up, or beating people up sets hearts and minds against the aggressor.

We keep hearing the promise of change and giving our hearts and minds to liars who don’t want anything to change.  Change won’t happen until we change the way we think from working to get, to working to give.


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