April 10, 2023

To make something reflexive behavior takes practice, right?  Fighters train and practice so that they react to a situation without even thinking about it first.  People adjust from clumsiness, on their first day of work, to professionalism through daily repetition.

But, we also train our mental and emotional reflexes.  Sometimes, without even being aware that we are.  When we train our mental and emotional reflexes to react negatively, we react to a situation negatively, without thinking about it first.  And when we train our metal and emotional reflexes to react positively, then that’s how we react.

The samurai, of Japan, trained diligently to be excellent fighters.  But, they also meditated and practiced art, like painting and poetry, to make sure that their war training didn’t turn them into savages and beasts.  The Pope gave medieval knights their code of chivalry, in order to create a system where the strong protect the weak.  How we train our reflexes is how we maintain, or lose our humanity.


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