A spirit

April 24, 2012

A spirit about to be born begins to day dream of what life might be.  Being a child only happy at play, and learning how to be an adult.  Wondering what will be seen and touched and felt, guiding a path to maturity.  The dreams the goals the accomplishments and the defeats.  Will the life lead leave an everlasting impression on humanity?  Not if the spirit is born into poverty never imagined, and dies as an infant before living a life, because we still have not learned to live together as one.  The more people are educated to see the vastness of the universe, the more pointless fighting is seen.  The ability to pass knowledge to the next generation has helped us progress so far into a future unimagined not long ago, we are now able to provide that all of the next generation can be guaranteed a chance at life and can progress farther faster when we do.  It is when people let money separate them from other people progress slows down.  Money, made to make trade easier, becomes a tool of oppression when people let money define social status.  As we all know, it is not money that makes one respected and admired.
Leaders of the world have led civilization to the breaking point time after time in pursuit of more wealth used to separate and suppress by force.  How many fortunes have been invested into building weapons of fear instead of in technology to advance and enlighten the world we know.  The entire world rebels against tyranny.  Empires are built on trust and faith in fellow citizens, and crumble when truth and justice are corrupted. The uncorrupt are not to blame, those that you see every where working hard every day are innocent and outlast empires.  Let those that value money over humanity go insane playing a game you can only win by not playing.  The value of wealth is in how it is spent, like the value of a hammer depends on what it builds.  It is up to the people to ensure leaders remember the gaol is to build a better future for all.  We need not resort to violence, only to keep working and maintain our humanity.  Only animals that can’t find a way to work together fight each other.


The sea of tears

September 16, 2011


Rain drops fall into rivers, rivers flow to oceans, and the power of the sea is rain drops united.  The tears of people form a sea of struggles which carves our progress into time.  We leave our mark for future generations to decipher and to the river of time…

When focused on making the world a better place, the currents of our tear sea have driven the rains of prosperity.  We form societies to govern the direction of our prosperity.  Governments focused on improving the living standards of the people use the currents of our tears as sculptor seemed to carve the grand canyon.  We can build pyramids that last thousands of years, temples and cathedrals more beautiful than imagination, and space ships that can fly to the moon!  When you ask us to, we can do anything with tears of joy in our sea of struggles carving our progress into time.

No one can argue progress has been made in prosperous times.  It is the cost of progress people pay for in tears that must never be used in greed.  When there are no limits to the progress of the individual, there are no limits to the progress of civilization.  The halt of progress means the halt to individual personal development, resulting in an education and wealth gap between progressed and progressing.

A wealth gap to civilization is a dam, slowing the flow of progress our sea carves into time.  The natural flow of people’s instinct to progress is not a force to be tamed, and to strong to be dammed.  It is a force to conquer any obstacle.  When united as one, people are a tsunami of force, and the rains of fertility.  Leaders that recognize the equality of all, give all who look over our progress a reason to name our sea of struggles an ocean of pride.

Last christmas ever?

June 3, 2011

So, we have reached a point in time many thought we would never make it to see, will we progress past the next predicted end of the world?
It is closing in on a time predicted to be the end of all we know.  Predicted by our view of the stars from earth, we see how they travel through our sky every night.
All of the stars planets and moons visible are on a course that we can predict.  We know there will be a natural alignment on this predicable path so rare that it supersedes human memory, so we do not know what will happen.  Many have feared that some great apocalypse will befall us, but we know also that this rare natural alignment has happened before, and we are still here.

Should we be at the end, let us live these last months with pride, and love in the spirit of christmas because this may be our last.  In this spirit may we also take it upon ourselves to end a world were we place fear tactics over truth, and profit over progress.  It is time for us to be free from the leash of energy prices.  Why not electric cars that recharge with solar and wind power while driving, instead of electric cars to plug into a fossil fuel grid?

There is no profit for any one with watered down degrees for general labor work suitable for students, versus the immense profit gained by a well refined pursuit of truth.  Every economy has always depended on innovation, and it is time to boost this global economy by building the world of the future.  A world that every one of us can be proud to live in and have confidence our children can have respect for us, our blessings and a world to be proud to live in.  Let them say of us in the future, this is the time we became one world of one people.  Because this may be the last christmas we ever have.


protect love

It is hard to imagine that a generation of peace and could become the next war mongers.  It is far to obvious the wars we fight today are not to protect any thing other than profit.


You who riddled the world with land mines, profit from the resources of others, restrict advancement, let people starve to death, lower education standards, and lie have brought the entire world to the breaking point.


Revolutions erupt only when leaders give into greed, forgetting the only real profit is the advancement of our culture.  Now, because of the faults of your generation, you still want to rob future generations of the standard of living you enjoy!  You tell us to die for you, only out of fear of loss in your profit!


When I write it always rains, yet the droplets which stain my paper, fade my pencil and run my ink do not come from the sky.  These droplets are from my eyes.  When I decide to type, instead my mouse tracks through tears, and I wish so much I did not feel.


This is the world you want us to advance and defend for you? How, could a father and mother wish this world upon their children and spit on everything our grandparents, great grandparents and every one who decided to care let us be born into?


At the very least, you have taught us what not to do.  I hope that, we are able to teach you to learn from your mistakes aswell before we end up having to go through another dark age, and relearn everything we forget.



I still love you America

February 1, 2011

I still love you America, my life will always and forever be yours my red, white and blue.  More than ever before I understand the strength you were forged with.  Still so young and beautiful, you are the child of the peoples revolts over oppression.
Before you the world was ruled by the whims of kings and queens, now you have given all the people of the world an equal voice.
The voice of the people has always demanded truth above all else.  In the pursuit of truth, and the freedom for all to pursue happiness we have overcome and prospered.

It is in our prosperity that we must tread most carefully. The revolts, our history tell even peoples revolutions become corrupted when prosperous.  It is up to the people to keep their leaders uncorrupted.  Our democratic system, so artfully crafted, sought to show the way.  Yet, with the rise of the career politicians in our system, the governing body of our country has drifted back towards the whims of the rich.

In the construction of our democracy we developed the short service terms of our leaders to keep them “of the people” and harder to corrupt knowing, they would again be mingling with the people after service.  It is up to the people to vote for candidates of the people.  When the people let greed and selfishness decide the future, they sacrifice freedom for oppression.  Building walls and living in fear, instead of building schools and illuminating any shadow of fear.

The land that I love, the home of the brave and the free, I can not join your military, or attend your schools, because I can not sacrifice truth, for fear.  I will not defend walls were they should not be!  I will not allow myself to be assimilated into an oppressive machine of corporations by brick factory schools forcing a mold on each student.

Now, my beloved, please dont let there be another generation like me.


Everything we see today has not been here forever, and will not last forever.

Matter, unable to be destroyed or created only transformed, will change form eventually.

It took eons for the development of simple one celled life forms, then billions of years of evolution to form complex organisms, such as ourselves.  Life is beginning to see farther into the past and the future the more it evolves.


The elements that form all we know, including ourselves, can be seen as “evolving” aswell.  Undergoing eons of fusions to build the elements that form our universe, and eons more to build life with the elements of the universe today.  Transforming our thinking to being part of the evolution of matter we connect to the universe we are born of, just as transforming our thinking from a flat earth to a round world connected all of us as one.

When we connect and strive for better, our civilization evolves its thinking from barbaric to civilized.  We used to think all the universe was here on earth, with the heavens above.  Now we know better, and have the responsibility to treat all of life with respect and cherish the development and survival of every little thing, or the choice not to care at all.


No other animal ever has to decide to survive or not.

Look at your reflection, do you see one being; or a multi cellular organism made up of atoms, made up of particles.

The gift of life bestowed upon us is, the control of a small part of the universes mass, our bodies and minds.

When we use our bodies and minds united as one, we preform miracles and build a future.

When we let greed, ignorance and selfishness saturate our society, we sacrifice the future.

No matter the cost, pay the price.



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flammarion Woodcut


November 13, 2010

Sometimes the art of the underground comes out in words, while the basic idea is the same.  Communication, which ive heard said of is flawed when u think you have achieved it.  Everything I create has a theme to it which is common among more people than I can imagine.  Understanding is something many strive for while only a few are content to be told.  Those that want more have to look for there own answers as the questions we ask to understand have a painful realism.  The solution is to correct this imbalance to create a realism that is not painful.
It should be painfully clear to Americans and other copy cat governments, that the ruling party does not care about the people they are supposed to be leading into a brighter tomorrow.  Instead of a government which is for the people and the rights of all humanity, we have a government which only desires to further separate from the people.  Similar to what occurred during the french revolution, such separation of government and people makes it near impossible for a government to be for the people.  This is clearest seen by how much our government uses us to get personally richer.  There is almost nothing you can do in this free country for which you are not taxed…speeding..parking…smoking..buying ..selling…going to jail…and walking across the street…our jails are full of people classified as criminals for all these minor offenses, still pervading in our culture is an old belief that criminals are not human and deserve nothing…so the jails are disgusting and overcrowded..with a shit load of angry people….
We can make the world a better place for us all, but we all have to care, we all have to not forget what it is to be human, to be one with the universe everything connects..and one plus one equal one…dont be confused by any thing else there is only 1…dont be afraid of being just like that bum on the street because you are and nothing can change that…Peace and love..keep hope alive have faith in your self and learn..the only thing you can do for the people you care about is help them with what you know…dont ever accept less…

No matter who you send your prayers to, his prayer is for us to come together as one people.

As we begin to recover economically world wide, we are forced to ask our selves why has the global economy become unstable?
Looking into history to draw parallels to our time brings to light the truth.

People came together to improve there living standard, in order to give them a better chance to survive. Succeeding so well civilization also began to evolve.
The strongest civilizations out last the weaker, and pass on there culture.
Yet just as we have seen in the evolution of life, it is not always physical strength that determines survival.

The strongest most enduring civilizations owe there endurance to a culture of learning. Education inspires innovation, and innovation is the adaptability of civilization. As the human species has endured through adaptation, civilization endures through innovation.

In fact it seems as though many civilizations collapses can be attributed to the substitution of propaganda for truth.
We must always teach truth, and how to discover true.

There are many reasons for us all to come together as one people of one world.
For humanity, there are human reasons which will all know in our hearts as true.
As we see the truths of why we should live as one, we see our greater responsibility as caretakers of the earth and all of life. In this truth we may sacrifice all human war, and all of human suffering, save the suffering of love which we can never sacrifice, and live for life.

No matter what we do, time will not yield and the world we know now will not last forever.  The continents continue to shift and stars explode eventually.
So it is in our best interest to do everything we can do to survive and overcome these obstacles threatening the extinction of life.

From a mass of particles, gravity sparked stars.  Stars become the engineers of elements in there fusion and planet forming gravity, and sow their elemental seeds across the universe in super nova explosions.  It seems, eons of atomic evolution have finally created an organism to understand the eons it took to generate the spark of life, of understanding.

How can we fight each other knowing all we know?
Why can we not use our technologies to give life a better chance to survive, rather than kill people?

Those in control must listen to the winds of change blowing around the world.
For as the seasons change in cycles,  progressing the evolution of life.
Man progresses in cycles, giving a future to his children.  As a father controls his families future, governments of the world are responsible for the future of their citizens.

When the leaders do not heed the cycles of time they endanger all they are responsible for.  Like a chief who lusts only for power, ignoring the signs of the approach of winter, risks the very future of all his tribe.

The air now is thick with injustice and ripe for revolt. Even criminals despair and in desperation commit more and more violent crime. Families struggle to feed their children and brothers and fathers turn to crime and murder, while mothers and daughters sell their bodies and souls for food.

The world is no stranger to strife, yet no peril is as perilous when prepared for peril. There is always a choice for all, from the poorest to the richest, history has proven over and over again one person can make all the deference in the world. Who will choose to live as an inspiration to the next generation? Who will choose a beautiful future at the cost of tedious labour in the present. For among those in control and those in the social spot light of today, there is not one roll model to idolize. Who is there for the next generation to respect and remember? The only lesson you are teaching the generations that follow yours, is to not be like you are now.  For you who cheat, lie and steal; rot the future instead of fertilizing it.

We can not grow up to be like you, because if we do our children will inherent a rotten world. If the leaders of the world value their heads, hear the regrets of King Louis of France, decapitated by his own.  The people have the power, and they will not let their leaders use them for personal gain, yet they will give their lives to their leaders for the progress of man. If the leaders of the world don’t come together in peace, the people will! U.R.U.

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