Everyone wants a revolution

December 11, 2020

Everyone wants a revolution in America and it is the idea of what this revolution is which needs to be defined.  The idea of revolution is shared by both the left and the right, but their ideas of a revolution are very different.  As a citizen, the most important thing that we can do is to educate ourselves so that we have the ability to think for ourselves and communicate to our representatives exactly what kind of revolution we want.  We can also avoid the appropriation of ideas and ideologies, like revolution.

It would be just as revolutionary to dismantle corporate restrictions like, environmental protection, fair wages and protection of personal freedom as it would be to increase corporate taxes, prosecute white collar crime and open boarders.  When revolution is discussed, the ideology of the revolution is important to relate, so that the idea isn’t appropriated to fit a different ideology.

The idea of revolution being shared by so many shows that there is progress to be made, we just need to decide which direction to go, forward or backward.  It seems we need more of a renaissance than a revolution.  Revolution implies a hostile take over, while a renaissance leans more towards changes in thinking.  Europeans accepting the earth is round allowed the exploration of the world.  The same types of changes in thinking can allow humanity to explore the universe and the mind.

Each race has equally contributed to our progress and it is difficult to imagine how fast and far we could be progressing by working together.  Employing minorities doesn’t prove a person isn’t racist.  Henry Ford was one of the first to hire black workers, but he was also one of the most racist people in history.  Working together is different than working each other.  When we oppress and fight with each other, we slow down progress and it impacts us all.

The wild

May 31, 2020


What we call wilderness today, we called home before.  No matter the origin, the ancestors of each culture lived in the wilderness as a part of it.  Out of many different human species which evolved and died out, two remained when we evolved.  The older, earlier evolving Neanderthal and the younger, more recent evolution of Homo sapiens.  The last of the Neanderthals must have seen the end of their species coming.

Long before modern man, they had developed a civilization.  For 100 thousand years their civilization, philosophy and their technology, bound to nature through centuries of observation and ingenuity, developed into culture.  A culture which would simultaneously endure and be forgotten in modern humans.

The knowledge gained by Neanderthals molded their culture, and remnants of that culture survive in ours.  The family unit has changed very little and mirrors the wildest of animals, elephants and other species survive as a unit the same way that humans do.

Humans, even Neanderthal, don’t have a thick hide, sharp claws and teeth or the best vision. What sets us apart is our minds and our ancestors supplemented their shortcomings with tools and education.  Many animals are born into the world alone, with only their instincts to guide them.  Only a few have the benefit of learning from their elders.  With these tools and minds we built the world we live in and separated ourselves from our wild home.  We divided our world into the civilized and the wilderness, and many fear half of our world.

As we begin to take our first steps into space, we begin to create a future for all of life.  If all life, as we know it, is to continue into the indefinite future it needs to get off of the planet.  Only when there is a sustainable ecosystem on other worlds, or in outer space, can the indefinite future be a guarantee because this planet will not last into the indefinite future.

The future to us is as vague as it was to the last Neanderthals, who obviously passed on at least some of what they had learned to us.  Maybe they had the foresight to understand how important it is to maintain our connection to the wild and taught us of the stars and the earth to help us survive.  It is important for us, and all of life, to have the foresight now that sees all life bloom across the universe, we have to start down that path in order to survive someday and if we start now, we can come together as a species and stop killing one another.

As we have progressed, we have fought each other for many reasons.  People fight for what they believe in, in many different ways and sometimes the fights even become wars.  In war, each side fights and dies for what they believe to be right.  The fight to be free of tyranny, often reveals itself to be a fight to install a tyrant and the hopes for freedom that inspired valor fill cemeteries with unfulfilled dreams.

Some use others like pawns in labor and in war.  The effort of the worker and the soldier can be directed to enforce oppression, or to improve society.  Protecting those that build a better world than that which we were born into is what people have fought tyranny to be able to do and the enemy that will always be fought against, is the one that attempts to divide rather than unite.

To believe that war has been a constant in society is to ignore what people have fought so long to end.  People kill and die to protect families and their futures and in that future there is no war, people don’t dream of seeing their families enduring raining bombs and bullets, growing up in shelled out cities and cratered fields.  They fight for the freedom to live in peace and have an equal opportunity to achieve their hopes and dreams.  Long live the freedom fighters!

Ad it up!!

June 16, 2019


buyIt doesn’t seem that there are many who believe that money doesn’t buy happiness despite the evidence which proves it, society is saturated with advertisements supporting consumerism as a path to happiness.  It’s known that money can improve living standards, but it’s also common knowledge that pursuing materialism can create a gilded prison.

Advertising materialist principles also divides the population by making people assume an appearance of wealth denotes success, intelligence, competence and understanding, while an appearance of poverty relates idiocy, ineptness and failure.

The effort invested in promoting materialism, which causes division, can be invested into promoting humanitarian values inspiring unity instead by adjusting the impression of success to be more accurate, in relating success as truly gaining individual worth and becoming a useful member of society.

Thou shalt not steal

February 13, 2019

The religions which sprang up thousands of years ago seem to have been attempting to prevent society from becoming what it has become today.  It’s hard to imagine a society that would be adverse to our contemporary social structure because our society, in the 21st century, is adverse to a compassionate society, in which an individual’s knowledge and merit decides their worth rather than their power and possessions.  The commandment of “Thou Shalt Not Steal” came into existence in a society in which the poor were able to glean the crops of the rich in times of need.  Today, to glean is to steal and the idea that it’s a sin to steal becomes debatable.  In our contemporary society it’s the rich which glean from the poor without consequence, while the poor are sometimes forced to steal and face the consequences of their actions.  This reveals the nature of the commandments’ idea and even the blind can see that to sin is to cause suffering and pain to others, for profit.

Vive la liberté!

December 3, 2018

Since the world revolted against aristocracy in America, France, Russia and China government has been able to use the ideology created to insight rebellion for freedom to retain control over their citizens.  The analysis of government seen in revolutionary literature places fault for the peoples suffering on the elite minority in control.   By pitting the classes below, the upper, middle and lower classes, they’re able to maintain control over them all by hiding in plain sight.  Instead of believing that the majorities suffering is due the unfair distribution of wealth, people believe their problems are due to the majorities’ ineptness, blaming different facets of the majority and excluding the elite from blame.  Instead, the elite are idolized and people are convinced that they’re just a few years of hard work, or a lucky break away from being part of the elite.  Governments today, utilize this knowledge to be able to again allow the elite to hide in plain sight and place blame on an enemy, either of the population or foreign, rather than on the unfair distribution of wealth.  No longer does the power structure of a super power rule with an iron fist, they instead placate the bourgeoisie to maintain control.  Seeing that many previous revolutions have had bourgeoisie leaders, government today is able to do whatever it wants, as long as the bourgeoisie can go shopping.  When the bourgeoisie feel there has to be more to life than what someone owns and they begin to fulfill life by becoming better people rather than looking like better people, government works for the peoples profit, not its’ own, by ensuring all people have the freedom and the means to prosper.


July 6, 2018


Good leaders are like good family members, who keep a family strong.  As civilization has progressed, tyranny has ebbed at society like a tide rises and falls.  Civilization has evolved just like life, in five billion years civilization is what evolved here. Whenever it becomes oppressive, division spreads through society.  Instead of working together as a family, society splits into the oppressor, the rebellion and the people who wave any flag to stay alive.  An underground society is created to rebel against tyranny and the tyrants try to break the rebels to prevent being overthrown.  Progress for all society slows down because the talents and minds that would normally fuel progress are either used to break people, to rebel or not used at all.  Many great thinkers and artists have not been able to contribute to the progress of society when it’s divided rather than unified.  Why waste five billion years of evolution fighting each other, or suppressing hopes and dreams?

Guns and Bullies

March 16, 2018

Trying to teach the next generation to not bully each other or shoot each other is very difficult when the teaching generation is bullying and shooting each other.  America has become a bully to other nations and uses guns to enforce its will on the world.  We allow our taxes and labor power to be used to build our unrivaled military and make the rest of the world hate us and even want to kill us, rather than demanding our labor and taxes are used to create a better world for the next generation.  Surly we can gain more respect from the world, and the next generation, from investing in construction and education instead of destruction and brainwashing.

Yet, there are those that profit from the death and destruction in the world and they will fight to maintain control.  Not all of us want change, those in control fear it because change is the end of their control.  But, there are more of us that want change than those that fear it, so we must fight for it as we have for centuries.  The world is ours, not theirs!


How much more can we invest into weapons and to what end, what has it done but create enemies?  Politicians claim they are needed to protect the innocent and instead the innocent have become targets of hate and malice.  Each war has only lead to another war and peace between nations remains an unattainable dream to contemporary culture and the eras of so called peace have only been time for the conquered to rally their revenge on the conquerer.  No nation has ever been able to conquer the world and have all the population citizens of one creed, so what is all of the fighting for?  Some claim that they must participate in war to serve a higher power and to save their soul, yet there is also no religion which condones murder and oppression as a path to enlightenment or as beneficial to the soul.  Is not the goal of every culture the same?  To provide a safe secure environment for future generations to grow and prosper in.  If so, the world, or the environment, is similar to a school and most agree that it is wise to build, upgrade and maintain schools because the future matters.  The only future we give when we invest so much in war is a future of strife, hardship, guilt and suffering.  How could anyone want the school to create such an environment and long to see children die young or grow up to live in guilt, when we can work together for a common goal and be grateful for the environment that we all call home.

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Hypocrisy in America

February 7, 2017


terrortrumpLeaders only are in positions to lead and if they don’t lead in the direction of progress, they end up following the people that do strive for progress.  Hypocrisy in America has been reason for debate and division since its declaring to be a sovereign nation.  America declared itself a nation of free and equal citizens, yet government sanctioned slavery existed for hundreds of years in the land of the free.  The hypocrisy of the ideology of a free nation with slavery gave hope to those who strived for truth over propaganda.  The people of the nation devised ways to free themselves until the government was forced follow the path blazed by the people.  Child labor laws and equal rights had to be taken from the leaders in positions which were able to give, because instead of giving they took.

The real American is still fighting for truth and still blazing the path towards the truth and the end of divisive, hypocritical politics and like the citizens of the world, understand what is truth and what is propaganda created to divide and inspire fear.  There are Americans that know that when people are in need, they need help.  To ostracize those in need is to create enemies, because we survive as a species and not as individuals.  To deny a refugee from a war zone, is like boarding up a home’s windows and doors then throwing a bomb inside.  These Americans are fighting along with the rest of the world, and we Americans, We Fight for Freedom, While You Fight for Power!