Guns and Bullies

March 16, 2018

Trying to teach the next generation to not bully each other or shoot each other is very difficult when the teaching generation is bullying and shooting each other.  America has become a bully to other nations and uses guns to enforce its will on the world.  We allow our taxes and labor power to be used to build our unrivaled military and make the rest of the world hate us and even want to kill us, rather than demanding our labor and taxes are used to create a better world for the next generation.  Surly we can gain more respect from the world, and the next generation, from investing in construction and education instead of destruction and brainwashing.

Yet, there are those that profit from the death and destruction in the world and they will fight to maintain control.  Not all of us want change, those in control fear it because change is the end of their control.  But, there are more of us that want change than those that fear it, so we must fight for it as we have for centuries.  The world is ours, not theirs!


How much more can we invest into weapons and to what end, what has it done but create enemies?  Politicians claim they are needed to protect the innocent and instead the innocent have become targets of hate and malice.  Each war has only lead to another war and peace between nations remains an unattainable dream to contemporary culture and the eras of so called peace have only been time for the conquered to rally their revenge on the conquerer.  No nation has ever been able to conquer the world and have all the population citizens of one creed, so what is all of the fighting for?  Some claim that they must participate in war to serve a higher power and to save their soul, yet there is also no religion which condones murder and oppression as a path to enlightenment or as beneficial to the soul.  Is not the goal of every culture the same?  To provide a safe secure environment for future generations to grow and prosper in.  If so, the world, or the environment, is similar to a school and most agree that it is wise to build, upgrade and maintain schools because the future matters.  The only future we give when we invest so much in war is a future of strife, hardship, guilt and suffering.  How could anyone want the school to create such an environment and long to see children die young or grow up to live in guilt, when we can work together for a common goal and be grateful for the environment that we all call home.

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Hypocrisy in America

February 7, 2017


terrortrumpLeaders only are in positions to lead and if they don’t lead in the direction of progress, they end up following the people that do strive for progress.  Hypocrisy in America has been reason for debate and division since its declaring to be a sovereign nation.  America declared itself a nation of free and equal citizens, yet government sanctioned slavery existed for hundreds of years in the land of the free.  The hypocrisy of the ideology of a free nation with slavery gave hope to those who strived for truth over propaganda.  The people of the nation devised ways to free themselves until the government was forced follow the path blazed by the people.  Child labor laws and equal rights had to be taken from the leaders in positions which were able to give, because instead of giving they took.

The real American is still fighting for truth and still blazing the path towards the truth and the end of divisive, hypocritical politics and like the citizens of the world, understand what is truth and what is propaganda created to divide and inspire fear.  There are Americans that know that when people are in need, they need help.  To ostracize those in need is to create enemies, because we survive as a species and not as individuals.  To deny a refugee from a war zone, is like boarding up a home’s windows and doors then throwing a bomb inside.  These Americans are fighting along with the rest of the world, and we Americans, We Fight for Freedom, While You Fight for Power!


Some of us are Happy and Ignorant…

The Rest of us cant Take Much More…

We Fight For Freedom…

While U Fight For Power…


Art is an expression of freedom.  Who but the artist has control of the finished project, and how can an artist express when restrained.

An open mind can see that all of the great art is like nothing ever before. The lessons that can be learned from such inspirations is not to constrain inside what is accepted, it is to have complete faith in the self. The freedom to create what no one may ever see, hear, taste, touch, feel, or experience and care only that it be created.

The closed mind tries to copy what is accepted so much, copies are all that are accepted.

Art is in every one and everything, it is the burning desire for freedom.

It is faith in your self and responsibility for your decisions.

Great artists in the past would have used a computer to create if they could.

Mozart to Dali, not because it is what is accepted, because they could.

Stay True Or Be Forgotten.


December 25, 2016

This is your world.

The world should be what you want it to be.

It is only your perception that makes up your world.

Everyones perception is different.

Do what ever is in your power to make this world yours.

Forget not your history, for your world would not be as such with out the struggle of all races to create a more comfortable living standard.

Look past the few people you have met unto the billions of others you have not, and realize that your world is also every one else’s world.

For everyone desires a comfortable way of life, who among us would create a world of strife, hardship and pain.

Only those who do not understand what it is to be human.

A descendant of all humans in a world built by humans for countless generations.

Make this world your world with every ounce of understanding you can possibly achieve and you will be happy in your world and me in mine.

December 25, 2016

There have to be some absolute truths because though our environment is divided into different sections, they are like slices of the same pie. Human beings share the same environmental tolerances, intelligence and survival needs. Religion often talks of absolute truths and the Abrahamic ones are a good example of how religion can be hijacked for politics as the religion of Jews was not there before Abraham left Ur, the religion of Christianity didn’t exist while Jesus lived and then Romans changed it for political reasons, then Islam was not known until Muhammad. Now they fight each other until they can remember they are all family, according to their beliefs, as an example of what happens when we abandon absolute truths and divide ourselves. Because one truth that is usually agreed to is, anything united is stronger than it is when divided.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Team

December 25, 2016

The Team

Suppose there was a team that played a sport, which one doesn’t matter, the team was the best and won every game.  When one got sick the others took care of them.  They were envied and admired by everyone.  Then they began to fight each other over which of them was the best.  They became angry with each other and one killed another.  The others killed the killer who was a father.  The son devoted his life to killing those that killed his father and the team lost …everything…


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Food and Entertainment

December 25, 2016

People vote for change in order to avoid making the same mistakes that have been made before.  The past shows us what happens when the citizens and the government divide.  Greek democracy changed into an elitist oligarchy and the republic of Rome faded into tyranny with Augustus.  American democracy has lasted about as long as previous attempts at citizen government.  In the past, the aristocracy has taken control from the people with the military.  The police enforce the will of an aristocratic minority that placate a majority of citizens with food and entertainment.  The military enforces profits from commerce and resources to maintain control instead of protecting investments in progress.  Superpowers have modeled themselves on examples that are proven to fail, like Rome, in attempts to maintain world dominance.  The change that citizens have voted for consistently is for progress instead of propaganda.  Progress towards a world where there is no dominate superpower or any religious borders so that humanity can move forward together.  Before we fall into propaganda promoting war we need to think about the cost.  War only leads to more war because it creates hate and divides, it uses the resources and energy of our planet to separate the world instead of profit through unification.  There is only one world, it is our space ship earth, and even though the passengers are different classes, what happens to our ship happens to all classes.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The pitiful

December 25, 2016

the pitiful

People will look at the suffering with pity in their eyes and not realize the pity they feel is for themselves.  The sufferer did not decide to suffer, the decision to let them suffer is made by those that are not suffering.  To convince themselves the sufferer owns pity is how they justify their decisions, like a slave owner judging their slaves as lesser.  Just as the slaver does not want to realize the truth of equality, the people that are not struggling to survive do not want to realize the truth of their pitifulness in causing so many so much suffering.

In order for slavery to end the truth had to overcome the lies and in order for suffering to ease the truth again must be realized.  Suffering will always exist as a part of life, no matter what we do our feelings will cause us suffering.  In order to ease the needless suffering of masses of innocent people we must live by truth and not allow lies to be represented as truth.  The truth says that the strong help the weak and that is how we survive.  The weak are the old and the young, our future and our history lives in them.  Live by truth and see strength in suffering not pity, or live a pitiful lie pretending sacrificing our future and history is just as right as slavery.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Resensitize the Desensitized

December 25, 2016

To resensitize the desensitized truth has to overcome dishonesty.  When dishonesty is more acceptable than honesty, the honest and the innocent suffer.  Many people know suffering but to try to measure ones against an other, is to set a standard of acceptable innocent suffering.  The most innocent of us, the children have the right to a future as do we all, and it is over due for humanity to invest more into life than into war.  Many wars can be ended and averted by reinvesting in a world that all can share.  Suffering will always exist but in a world focused on investing in a future much of the suffering can also be ended and averted.

There is more profit to be made investing on life than death, building more tractors builds a future and building more tanks leads to more suffering.  Investing in an infrastructure able to withstand natural disasters and medicine to combat disease opens opportunities for more of the population.  The more people can invest themselves in pursuing opportunity the faster we all progress.  As we progress we ensure a future for the innocent because we know now for us all to prosper we must think of the future today.

Monday, October 27, 2014