Because it takes a long time for change to happen, it’s important to prepare for as early as possible.  Martin Luther King Jr. was born long after slavery ended, but he still dreamed of equality and there are still people dreaming of the day when race becomes as significant as eye color.  M.L.K. devoted his life to change understanding that he probably wouldn’t see the promised land but just like planting seeds, it takes time and effort for anything to happen.  With that time and effort, the fruits can be beneficial to generations and even produce more seeds to go on benefiting for generations.

Seeds for social change can be planted now to put an end to the divisiveness in society by remembering how to work together, instead of against each other in competition.  The roots of our social structure are based on cooperation, which is why we have cities of families and not family territories.  The rat race mentality we currently have, only pits one individual against another and destroys the empathy and compassion in society.  In a rat race, there are no winners because even rich people have problems, only money isn’t one.  Just because people have emotions there will always be suffering in society but when we adjust our perspectives and work for love instead of money we can plant the seeds for a society were, even with all the problems in life at least society will not be a problem for anyone of any class or race.

There is nothing wrong with working for someone else’s dreams, as long as their dream isn’t your nightmare.  If you cover your eyes with your hand, you can’t see your hand.  Even though it is right in front of your face.  A lot of people think that they are free without thinking about what freedom is.  If they think about it, their freedom is an illusion and in reality they are slaves to the alarm clock who can’t stray too far from being away from work when it goes off, they can’t stay up too late to hear it, they don’t have time to work on their personal dreams and they answer to a boss if they are late for work.

In this kind of slavery people don’t get whipped by their bosses, instead they are beaten down with humiliation and chastised by their peers, friends and family for not slaving.  Which makes them feel like pariahs, for desiring the freedom to work on their own goals, rather than their bosses goals.  Many people even end up choosing freedom in poverty, over slavery.  Only later to become convinced they’re the low life losers society says they are because they’re poor, so they end up giving up through losing the motivation to try. It takes cooperation and respect for society to work.  Our work builds the society we live in and if we work together and respect each other, we can build a world were more people have the opportunity and support to accomplish their dreams rather than building a world that retards that opportunity, abandons people in need and in turn retards progress.

Crime Wave Effect

June 21, 2021

Crime is a result of a divided society.  There is a popular misconception that confuses competence with opportunity.  The idea that the most competent of society will have the most opportunity is a false one when society is divided between haves and have nots.  Opportunity is more available to the haves than to the have nots, regardless of competence.  A rich person with good ideas can fund their production and the best a poor person with good ideas can do is sell them to someone who can afford to produce them.  There are plenty of people with the competence to do so much but their efforts are put towards things like crime and terror because they don’t have equal opportunities.  They have no hope of a future of anything but servitude.

In a society that has a small minority holding on to most of the pie and leaving the majority fighting over crumbs, the struggle over the crumbs makes people value crumbs more than anything.  Crumbs are more important than family, friends and freedom for people in such a society.  There are two main categories of leaders, humanitarian leaders and cold hearted leaders.  While the humanitarian type guides towards equality and fairness, the cold hearted types guide towards control and division.

Both types of leaders are respected for different reasons and a cold hearted, shrewd leader gains respect by using underhanded and dishonest tactics to dominate.  A humanitarian leader gains respect through diplomacy and unification.  The tactics of the cold hearted types are less effective and long-lived than those of the humanitarian type because the side effect of their tactics is the creation of enemies and division from within as similar cold hearted tactics pit one against another fighting for power and control.  Humanitarian tactics are what convince people to unify under one flag and work towards a common goal that gives hope to all of society.

a helping hand

June 1, 2021

The reason for many of the social problems we currently have, is from valuing profit over humanity.  Culture can transcend race and class, even though there can be cultures based on racial history and tradition, or on social status, it doesn’t exclude any race from any culture.  A culture gains a racial label when there are a majority of one race in the culture, though there may be a minority of other races included into the same culture.

There is more than one culture in America, the culture of the Black American, for example, is a culture which is based on a struggle to be considered human.  In contrast to the White American culture which is based on the dehumanization of every other race.  What is thought of as Black culture can include any one that has felt degraded and what is thought of as White culture can include any one whose felt entitled.  As the European culture of America enslaved and reeducated, it robbed Africans and Indians of their cultures.  In the process, it created new cultures.

As one culture tried to subjugate and indoctrinate, another tried to educate and equalize.

The foundations of law enforcement in America, are rooted in securing and protecting whites from non-whites creating different laws for different races.  With violence and fear tactics, a minority gained control over a majority, forcing the majority to sacrifice their own hopes and dreams for the hopes and dreams of a few elitists.

Today, there are some Americans who would gladly sacrifice their lives as patriots and think the American dream is only a little elbow grease away for anyone, there are also some Americans who could never join the military, or police force and think the only future for them is poverty and violence, no matter how hard they work.

For America to progress and unite, the two competing cultures have to become one American culture.  It has to live up to the ideals it was founded on and become a land of the free, where the inalienable rights of all are recognized.  In doing so, it can regain the position of the worlds beacon of hope.  Reversing the cold hearted tactics that made the non-white countries into third world countries and profited from promoting a gangster mentality can equalize the world and regain our humanity.  It is better to rule with a helping hand, than an iron fist.

For longer than I can remember at the lowest levels of the American Black community there has been an understanding that our lives are worthless and we can disappear at any moment, should we encounter the wrong police.  I didn’t grow up like most people, I’ve ended up homeless more than once since I was a teenager and had to struggle with police so much I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve had to fight with cops.  When I say fight with cops, I don’t mean boxing with one officer.  I mean one lone kid, and even adult, doing their best to not get beat up and broken by a mob of officers.  I’ve been able to get away once or twice, but most of the time I get dragged to jail and charged with something.  And I am one of the lucky ones who has not disappeared.

No one knows how many black men have been tortured and killed, how many black women have been raped and killed, or how many black people have criminal records with out ever breaking a law in America.  If what happened to Mr. Floyd made you sick, what happened to Mr. Greene should show you how many people in the black community see themselves as the walking dead because white people see them as animals.

The problems associated with the upper class demeaning the lower class have been a thorn in the side of our progress for centuries and we still can’t get past an ideology that elevates the wealthy above the poor, and in much of the world the whites above the blacks.  But, there is still hope that one day we will learn to live together because in the end it is Javert who kills himself.

It’s important to stop and think what you’re fighting for sometimes, with so much anger in society sometimes goals can become blurred.  Some people fight for the right and others for the left, but only a few fight for all.  The leaders of the left and the right use us to fight their battles and these battles are to further their own ends, not yours.

Those who have it don’t want those who don’t have it to get it because then those that have it will not be in control.  Those that are currently in control have not been doing a great job, or there wouldn’t be so many problems and so much anger.

There has to be a better way to live together and no matter the type of government there is, corruption and profit over people ideologies need to be frowned on like people frown on who ever they have been told to hate and blame for their problems and suffering.  All through history the enemy of the less well off has been the more well off, except when the more well off govern with love and empathy.


February 11, 2021

No one likes to be scammed and to have their hard work be taken for advantage. People try their best to defend themselves against being scammed with security measures but, the most important defense is knowledge. A person who sees the scam, is a lot less likely to fall victim to it. Many Americans don’t know that they are being scammed constantly by organizations like the Federal Reserve, which isn’t a government institution and has stock holders, and it is costing them and their children their future.
Politicians have become more entertaining than effective and arguing about who should run things, leaves things running with out direction. The divisiveness in politics saturates society and takes focus from real problems that need attention. How long are we going to let a faulty financial system which drives the government into debt exist? How many children are we going to force to grow up in ghettos and how many people need to sacrifice their hopes and dreams for us to move forward?
Throwing money at some problems is effective. Like, war. But how do you fix the problem if the problem is money? Stimulus to rebound from covid sounds like it would be great, but what is it going to cost us and how long will politicians kick the debt problem down to the next one in line?
Where are the leaders who are willing to stand up to the big banks and corporations which have infiltrated and hijacked our government? Because it sure seems that the leadership we have now wants nothing more than to maintain the system they worked so hard to put in place and the Q-Anon phenomena sure smells a lot like a CIA disinformation campaign to keep things the same by making all conspiracy theories into jokes.
Want to know:


January 7, 2021

Throughout time it has taken a lot of pressure for leaders to make positive social changes.  It’s the leaders of nations and business that are the most capable of instituting progress and the same leaders are consistently responsible for holding progress back.  The best way to avoid social unrest, is to provide employment, opportunity and a future.  If people believe that their labor is only to make the rich richer, they feel oppressed, enslaved and hopeless.  Which leads to crime, rebellion, hate, jealousy, envy, depression, terrorism, domestic violence and a host of negative impacts on society.

Riots and even wars have broken out in last resorts to bring change and history is full of examples of civil rights protesters being persecuted and beaten.  When people stand up for equality, they are often fought against by those who support inequality.  It is those supporters of inequality which believe people are defined by their environment, when there are people from all environments equally capable and inept.

The leaders of America are currently in a unique position, as leaders of the world, and can lead the world into a future dreamed of for the last hundred years.  It isn’t until people get into space that they can imagine a new future and through introducing and supporting legislation which invests in a future, leaders of the world can unite the population with the common goal of progress, giving people a reason to be proud of their labor.

Everyone wants a revolution

December 11, 2020

Everyone wants a revolution in America and it is the idea of what this revolution is which needs to be defined.  The idea of revolution is shared by both the left and the right, but their ideas of a revolution are very different.  As a citizen, the most important thing that we can do is to educate ourselves so that we have the ability to think for ourselves and communicate to our representatives exactly what kind of revolution we want.  We can also avoid the appropriation of ideas and ideologies, like revolution.

It would be just as revolutionary to dismantle corporate restrictions like, environmental protection, fair wages and protection of personal freedom as it would be to increase corporate taxes, prosecute white collar crime and open boarders.  When revolution is discussed, the ideology of the revolution is important to relate, so that the idea isn’t appropriated to fit a different ideology.

The idea of revolution being shared by so many shows that there is progress to be made, we just need to decide which direction to go, forward or backward.  It seems we need more of a renaissance than a revolution.  Revolution implies a hostile take over, while a renaissance leans more towards changes in thinking.  Europeans accepting the earth is round allowed the exploration of the world.  The same types of changes in thinking can allow humanity to explore the universe and the mind.

Each race has equally contributed to our progress and it is difficult to imagine how fast and far we could be progressing by working together.  Employing minorities doesn’t prove a person isn’t racist.  Henry Ford was one of the first to hire black workers, but he was also one of the most racist people in history.  Working together is different than working each other.  When we oppress and fight with each other, we slow down progress and it impacts us all.

The wild

May 31, 2020


What we call wilderness today, we called home before.  No matter the origin, the ancestors of each culture lived in the wilderness as a part of it.  Out of many different human species which evolved and died out, two remained when we evolved.  The older, earlier evolving Neanderthal and the younger, more recent evolution of Homo sapiens.  The last of the Neanderthals must have seen the end of their species coming.

Long before modern man, they had developed a civilization.  For 100 thousand years their civilization, philosophy and their technology, bound to nature through centuries of observation and ingenuity, developed into culture.  A culture which would simultaneously endure and be forgotten in modern humans.

The knowledge gained by Neanderthals molded their culture, and remnants of that culture survive in ours.  The family unit has changed very little and mirrors the wildest of animals, elephants and other species survive as a unit the same way that humans do.

Humans, even Neanderthal, don’t have a thick hide, sharp claws and teeth or the best vision. What sets us apart is our minds and our ancestors supplemented their shortcomings with tools and education.  Many animals are born into the world alone, with only their instincts to guide them.  Only a few have the benefit of learning from their elders.  With these tools and minds we built the world we live in and separated ourselves from our wild home.  We divided our world into the civilized and the wilderness, and many fear half of our world.

As we begin to take our first steps into space, we begin to create a future for all of life.  If all life, as we know it, is to continue into the indefinite future it needs to get off of the planet.  Only when there is a sustainable ecosystem on other worlds, or in outer space, can the indefinite future be a guarantee because this planet will not last into the indefinite future.

The future to us is as vague as it was to the last Neanderthals, who obviously passed on at least some of what they had learned to us.  Maybe they had the foresight to understand how important it is to maintain our connection to the wild and taught us of the stars and the earth to help us survive.  It is important for us, and all of life, to have the foresight now that sees all life bloom across the universe, we have to start down that path in order to survive someday and if we start now, we can come together as a species and stop killing one another.