November 13, 2010

Sometimes the art of the underground comes out in words, while the basic idea is the same.  Communication, which ive heard said of is flawed when u think you have achieved it.  Everything I create has a theme to it which is common among more people than I can imagine.  Understanding is something many strive for while only a few are content to be told.  Those that want more have to look for there own answers as the questions we ask to understand have a painful realism.  The solution is to correct this imbalance to create a realism that is not painful.
It should be painfully clear to Americans and other copy cat governments, that the ruling party does not care about the people they are supposed to be leading into a brighter tomorrow.  Instead of a government which is for the people and the rights of all humanity, we have a government which only desires to further separate from the people.  Similar to what occurred during the french revolution, such separation of government and people makes it near impossible for a government to be for the people.  This is clearest seen by how much our government uses us to get personally richer.  There is almost nothing you can do in this free country for which you are not taxed…speeding..parking…smoking..buying ..selling…going to jail…and walking across the street…our jails are full of people classified as criminals for all these minor offenses, still pervading in our culture is an old belief that criminals are not human and deserve nothing…so the jails are disgusting and overcrowded..with a shit load of angry people….
We can make the world a better place for us all, but we all have to care, we all have to not forget what it is to be human, to be one with the universe everything connects..and one plus one equal one…dont be confused by any thing else there is only 1…dont be afraid of being just like that bum on the street because you are and nothing can change that…Peace and love..keep hope alive have faith in your self and learn..the only thing you can do for the people you care about is help them with what you know…dont ever accept less…


No matter who you send your prayers to, his prayer is for us to come together as one people.

As we begin to recover economically world wide, we are forced to ask our selves why has the global economy become unstable?
Looking into history to draw parallels to our time brings to light the truth.

People came together to improve there living standard, in order to give them a better chance to survive. Succeeding so well civilization also began to evolve.
The strongest civilizations out last the weaker, and pass on there culture.
Yet just as we have seen in the evolution of life, it is not always physical strength that determines survival.

The strongest most enduring civilizations owe there endurance to a culture of learning. Education inspires innovation, and innovation is the adaptability of civilization. As the human species has endured through adaptation, civilization endures through innovation.

In fact it seems as though many civilizations collapses can be attributed to the substitution of propaganda for truth.
We must always teach truth, and how to discover true.

There are many reasons for us all to come together as one people of one world.
For humanity, there are human reasons which will all know in our hearts as true.
As we see the truths of why we should live as one, we see our greater responsibility as caretakers of the earth and all of life. In this truth we may sacrifice all human war, and all of human suffering, save the suffering of love which we can never sacrifice, and live for life.

No matter what we do, time will not yield and the world we know now will not last forever.  The continents continue to shift and stars explode eventually.
So it is in our best interest to do everything we can do to survive and overcome these obstacles threatening the extinction of life.

From a mass of particles, gravity sparked stars.  Stars become the engineers of elements in there fusion and planet forming gravity, and sow their elemental seeds across the universe in super nova explosions.  It seems, eons of atomic evolution have finally created an organism to understand the eons it took to generate the spark of life, of understanding.

How can we fight each other knowing all we know?
Why can we not use our technologies to give life a better chance to survive, rather than kill people?

Those in control must listen to the winds of change blowing around the world.
For as the seasons change in cycles,  progressing the evolution of life.
Man progresses in cycles, giving a future to his children.  As a father controls his families future, governments of the world are responsible for the future of their citizens.

When the leaders do not heed the cycles of time they endanger all they are responsible for.  Like a chief who lusts only for power, ignoring the signs of the approach of winter, risks the very future of all his tribe.

The air now is thick with injustice and ripe for revolt. Even criminals despair and in desperation commit more and more violent crime. Families struggle to feed their children and brothers and fathers turn to crime and murder, while mothers and daughters sell their bodies and souls for food.

The world is no stranger to strife, yet no peril is as perilous when prepared for peril. There is always a choice for all, from the poorest to the richest, history has proven over and over again one person can make all the deference in the world. Who will choose to live as an inspiration to the next generation? Who will choose a beautiful future at the cost of tedious labour in the present. For among those in control and those in the social spot light of today, there is not one roll model to idolize. Who is there for the next generation to respect and remember? The only lesson you are teaching the generations that follow yours, is to not be like you are now.  For you who cheat, lie and steal; rot the future instead of fertilizing it.

We can not grow up to be like you, because if we do our children will inherent a rotten world. If the leaders of the world value their heads, hear the regrets of King Louis of France, decapitated by his own.  The people have the power, and they will not let their leaders use them for personal gain, yet they will give their lives to their leaders for the progress of man. If the leaders of the world don’t come together in peace, the people will! U.R.U.

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the cause

July 11, 2010

The foundations of the the world are crumbling beneath our feet, the structure we have grown comfortable with is old and waiting to be reinforced.
We see it around us and feel it in our bones, but there is nothing to fear!
It is the natural process of anything to grow.  From plants to cities; to stop growing is to die.  The desire to survive is strong!
Even this thing called civilization has grown from simple nomadic communities, to small city states, and eventually to countries.
Countries of people unified under one flag have developed as well over the centuries, and America is the latest evolution of that development.

A country founded with the ideal of the end of tyranny!
Now with the world foundations falling apart America has the chance to lead the way into that promised land of the end of oppression worldwide.
All the people in all of the countries of the world are tired of fighting other countries, the people only want a good job and a future for their children.
When wars are not fought to preserve family and culture, people are not willing to fight and die, and when they are; people will die fighting.

Here in the 21st century, we know more than ever.  Most importantly, how much of an effect we have on the future of the entire planet and all of life.
In order for us to preserve a future of good jobs, let us all work on making this a better world.
Let a higher force such as the U.N. control the force of the world military only to ensure progress, and to halt any who would impede the world making a better world!

We dont need camouflage, paint death machines UN white for peace.


Rebel Rebel

April 27, 2010

Rebel Rebel

Born into a world built by our fathers, in the shadow of men, boys learn how to live.  Yet when the shadow the man casts is an evil shadow, the children will learn to be evil.
A man casting a righteous shadow, shows all who see how to live well.  All through history man gives his children his wars, his hates, and his loves.
In our history there are times when more men have cast a righteous shadows than evil shadows.  As well as times when the shadow of evil prevailed.
Born into the world innocent, all of us must choose to be good or not, and some times the children must teach the parents what is right for us to progress.
Fear breeds slavery and oppression, while freedom breeds fearlessness.

In many of the old religions, some no longer practiced and some still influencing daily life, the creation stories describe a predecessor to human kind.
In what ever form angel, cyclops, titan, or made from dirt, the predecessor to humans falls victim to their own failure to discipline themselves from selfishness.
From the beginning of time, it has been destined for life to try to understand itself.  Once, where there was nothing formed our rock, sit and watch the millenniums turn, the continents and the oceans form, the atmosphere develop and witness the birth of life in your mind.  See one cell form to multiple, to complex.  To evolve into giant dinosaurs that rule the world for millions of years, only to become the fossil fuels that build the world of the humans.  Humans, who once like all other life roamed the planet exposed to the elements, until we plant a seed.

The seed grows into crops, the crops into cities.  First cities of wood and earth, all gone now.  Then of stone, some of which the very first of still remain standing in the shadows of cities built of steel.
In these cities of steel, human kind isolates and separates itself from the world that gave us birth, and everything we will ever need.
No other creature can remember when the earth was only a rock except man.  Through billions of years of development man is the pinnacle of evolution.  Granted through chance and survival over the years to man, the very power of creation and destruction, as well as the responsibility for all.  Man must choose for all to live or all to die, for a future, or for a do over.

We have all of our history to be able to see our future, now we all are on the doorstep of the death of everything we know, we love and hate.  All of the great wars in history took years to develop into the blood baths we remember, and all of the wars fought to dominate rather than free end in failure.  The stakes have been raised with the globalization and firepower of our society, for should the world war, no corner will be safe.  While we revel in lust, gluttony and vengeance armageddon looms over our children’s future.

Here in the dawn of the 21st century, history has unfolded to reveal one super power in the world, as long as we fight wars to oppress rather than free, we run the danger of blemishing our countries righteous founding.
The United States of America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave, has the chance as a world leader, as it has in the past, to lead the way making the world a better place for us all.
No animal gifted our power would not.
To fight another is to fight yourself, now that we know we all share this world and are all gifted with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
We have the power to make the world, the truth… . BEAUTIFUL!  (• of a very high standard; excellent)

I hope that in the future they remember now, as when we became one.
(out of many one)


those people what say they trust no one…look deeper and realize what trust it takes to eat food (unless ur a hunter gather) and drive (unless alone in da middle a nowere), those who feel alone and are to scared to say it, cant u see how many others are alone 2, fearing what, ur not good enough, when it comes down to it that is a major world problem being proliferated by the path we have democratically chosen.
A path to destruction we have decided upon, in fearing revealing problems and pain and displaying only socially acceptable dramas as money assholes and bitches, we ignore far to much the true drama of life. We run out of time and die, as we accelerate the death of generations to come. For lies that we try to convince our selves of,….i dont trust any body, bullshit, think before you speak. Untill you can become as true to yourself as to all you meet, i heard a man say,
“the less you lie, the less you have to remember.”
when you live so, you can admit to any action even without it memory,
trust is not to be given easily, but is necessary to live together,
basically the same as those what say they are self reliant, u r if u make all ur own clothes and thread, and refine ur own gas, broadcast ur own tv, and generate ur own power and are a doctor and a dentist and a architect and as strong as a crane. If ur not den again think b4 u speak…
Its all about being honest and inspiring others 2 b 2…
all ways a student, sumtimes a teacher…

apple of knowledge

March 15, 2010

Could the apple of knowledge be mans realization he is the dominant species?
For unquestionably there was a time when we lived in harmony with the environment as the rest of our eco system still does.
Humans are no different than any other creature, our main objective is to ensure the survival of our family, like insects, bears, lions, dolphins, sharks and zebras we continue. Yet as our understanding of our surroundings began to grow with the ability to communicate through generations, it is us that are responsible for the rift in between us and the rest of life.
As we realize nothing can stop us from doing what ever we want, we forget of the garden of eden we were born into, and allow our selves to enter a world of man, of greed jealousy and contempt.
For truly the negative almost evil side of man rains as is shown in the incredibly unbelievable destruction and extinction of much of the garden we were born into.
If it were more of the good in man and all truth there would be no rift in between man and all of life. It is most necessary to fill this rift, as with great power comes the responsibility that we have failed thus far to for-fill with our great knowledge.
What we have done with the gifts of evolution is nauseating, but we are not doomed yet.
As it seems no matter what happens life will survive or revive, but what of us?
It is time to dispel ideas of apocalypse of any nature from god or nuclear bombs and believe that we can over come any odds as we have. There is a reason to live well and we are all not going to die any way so the point is to continue to desire better, there were those who looked across seas and saw a hopeless venture doomed before beginning, a sea filled with monsters and the very end of the earth. These people would rather live in a mid-evil hell than discover america…

the question to be asked is not why are we at war, rather why do people hate americans?
what it is it about our culture and way of life that drives other humans to become evil do-er’s,
according to our own president.
the very same attitude is held inside of our own borders, there are americans that feel indifferent
to, for example police. there our fellow citizens that admire cops and those that look upon them with disgust and even them that wish death to them and! their entire family.
the state of affairs today seems to be proof that what ever we have been doing is not what is in our best interest after all.
in looking at the course of history that has us were we are have very clear options in front of us, so obvious is the failure of all of the entire UN that the people of the world must make it clear to our leaders what we want and death and destruction is not fuckin it.
we want to live to see a future for all of us, to be free from concerns pertaining to remaining alive, and more towards what to do with life. we want a world were all of life has an equal and fair chance to live life to its fullest. let the beasts of the fields be fat for the beasts of prey!
the goal is not to undo what has been done it is to do the very best we can with what we have learned!

it is

March 15, 2010

it is not for me to say that i hate what the world has become, i who must live in this world and try to survive the best i can.
it is i that must endure its flaws, while those responsible endure none of them.
it is i who love this world to much to hate it.
it is i that struggle to stay alive with nothing to hope for but more pain, because love is worth pain.
it is i that must see before me my friends suffer, and people all around me pretending to be alive, while i can do nothing to help.
it is i who have nothing that has the most to give.
it is i who shall stay alive, not for me but for all of everything else that let me be.
it is i who am we.
it is we that are the world.
Underground Rising United