The world is truly a beautiful place

July 30, 2021

There are so many wonderful things about life and the world is truly a beautiful place, it’s important to enjoy the gifts of life and to guard them well.  It’s in the guarding of wonderful that people sometimes have to dedicate themselves to other aspects of life, other than the enjoyment of life.  To ensure that the world remains beautiful and bountiful, people have to work for it.  When we are done with the work, we can enjoy the benefits of our work. If we put off work we only pretend to enjoy life as we neglect our own food and shelter.

Historically, society has seen those that are controlled by their vices and unable to devote themselves to working on building a beautiful world, as weaker and less trustworthy than those that can devote their time to a future and master their vices because it’s only from their hard work that we all have the things we need and can enjoy.  Working for everyones profit has also usually been seen as conquering the vices of greed, envy and jealousy.  While working for selfish gains has been seen as heartless and ignorant making the rich ashamed in front of the righteous, unless they are righteous themselves.

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