Your neighbors have the same problems that you do

October 21, 2021

Each of us deals with the same problems and if you think your neighbor is to blame, you’re probably not looking at the big picture.  Because your neighbors have the same problems that you do.  Once, people in power made it a priority to improve the standard of living for everyone and leave behind temples, churches, colosseums, amphitheaters, roads and all sorts of infrastructure improvements because using wealth for the benefit of all, is how to be remembered well.  Not only by family and friends, but even by people that never meet and only know the benefactor by their philanthropy and reputation.  Even the religious centers of the world had the ability, and perceived responsibility, to support the community with direction as well as finical help and guidance, providing a sanctuary for those in need.

Tyranny, has been a plague on civilization for so long that people have been aware, those who  tyrannize a population will be hated and despised for thousands of years, if they are not killed by revolt.  People in power don’t fund public improvements, when they want to maintain their power over others and have the perception that public improvements will erode their power.

Rather than than improving the standard of living for all, to be remembered well, they hoard wealth to maintain position and end up despised by people that don’t know them, because of their greed, and despised by their friends and family who can’t wait to get what they have.

When wealth is hoarded, instead of used to improve our standard of living, society decays along with its infrastructure.  The decay of society follows the decay of the standard of living and a society that feels as though their living standard will not ever improve, does not take care, or care about the infrastructure, or even their home.  But, when society sees the world around them improving, beautiful new architecture and religious centers sparkling with gold, instead of a dull gold paint that represents what things should be like, people begin to care and take care of their homes and the whole world.

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